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    Minecraft Middle-Earth is a community that offers various services, completely free. I like that everyone can enjoy a great user experience by offering people that experience where you aren't forced into clicking ads, voting, getting lured to a Minecraft listing website where you have to vote for us, or 'paying to win' to get a higher rank or more permissions.

    There is a policy which allows you to receive vanity items on our build server by donating:

    • 50$ donated in total will get you an exclusive, personal horse.
    • 20$ donated in total will get you a ribbon on the forum, showing you as a 'Donor'. You will also receive an in-game colored nickname over your head, called a 'tag'.

    I keep a simplified bookkeeping, which is available here, so you can quickly see how much the project costs in terms of renting webspace, servers, software licenses, etc...

    Being financially secure is important to the Minecraft Middle-Earth community, so we can keep what we have. Therefore, if you want to contribute, please make a voluntary donation by clicking on the link below. Thank you :)



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Minecraft Middle Earth is a Minecraft community which recreates the world described by JRR Tolkien and his writings. People can participate in organized events in which we collaborate to create major landmarks, terrain, caves, castles, towns, farms and more. This is a creative build server, we are not a survival or roleplaying server. The focus lies in creating the world and making the journey the experience. To get started, visit The New Player Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

do you have to save your theme build so it will be there the next time you play

No. It remains there and you can go back to work on it more at a later date

What language can I speak on the server?

We prefer that users use English on the server but you are free to use personal languages in private conversations through /msg

Hi! Its been a year since I logged on, and Ive changed my username. Am I still whitelisted on the server?

The whitelist has been replaced by a quiz system. If you were part of the people who worked on the new world, you won't have to do anything. If you were not, you will just have to do the quiz in the newplayeworld which takes about 10 minutes maximum.

Namechanges are done automatically.

What is Minecraft Middle-Earth?

It is a creative online collaboration project, aiming to recreate the world imagined by J.R.R. Tolkien. It is available and freely accessible for everyone.

Through the use of Minecraft, we create a virtual world with minecraft blocks. We create and design our own buildings, textures, landscape, sound and music, and more.

We only are building the world, we are not a role-playing server, nor are we producing a videogame. We are simply making a huge world out of Minecraft Blocks, in a creative Minecraft environment. Just building.

How do I get on the server?

A list of all the official servers can be found within this resource posted here. To make things easier for you, this is a quick overview:
Build Server: build.mcmiddleearth.com
This is where the world of Middle Earth is being built. It is a protected world, as such you can't just start to build anywhere you want. Our Designers have the ability to start Jobs in which you can participate. During these Jobs, the Designer can make some areas buildable for everyone.
You need to read both the FAQ and the Terms of Service in order to pass the New Player World upon joining.

Can I download the map?

No, you can't. Downloading the map is prohibited, and punishable with a permanent ban.

When was the server started?

The server was started on October 10, 2010 by q220.

Why does the server look weird?

Our server uses resource packs. These should be automatically prompted based on location. This is a setting in your video options.
If this does not work for you, you can get our resource packs here. This guide will help you with installation.

What areas are currently finished?

You can check this document to know the build status of the areas on the server.

How do you make the map?

We used WorldPainter to shape the map and do the basic terrain. Then in game we use VoxelSniper, WorldEdit and manual work.

What Version of Minecraft is Minecraft Middle Earth on?

MCME is currently on 1.8 so you can still use the lastest version of Minecraft.

What will happen after the map is finished?

We are always revamping locations, so to actually finish would take quite a long time. Once Middle-earth is finished, we might attempt the surrounding lands, or try to make a roleplaying server out of it.

What is TeamSpeak? Do I really need to have it?

TeamSpeak is a third-party application MCME players use to talk using microphones and text chat. Designers run Jobs and Guides run tours using TeamSpeak, so it is very important to have it. You don’t have to talk if you don’t want to, you can just listen and respond using chat. Learn how to install and setup TeamSpeak here.

Is there a map of the server somewhere? How can I use it?

We have a live dynmap, which you can access here.

What are the ranks of the server?


How can I rank up?

All ranks excluding Oathbreakers can apply for the ranks Artist, Guide, Designer and Enforcer.
You can learn how to apply for ranks here.

Why can't I chat? It says "you don't have access to that command"

When you join the server for the first time you have to get through a short quiz about the rules of the server. During this you don't have access to any commands or chat.
If the error still persists please contact an Enforcer as you may be muted.

What are Projects?

Projects are large undertakings that aim to recreate specific landmarks of Middle-earth, for example, Minas Tirith, Undertowers, Paths of the Dead, etc. They are usually divided in smaller tasks called jobs.

Who can lead Projects?

Everyone can apply to lead a Project, though the larger Projects are usually led by a Designer. Projects are allowed or disallowed to start by the Head Designer. You can apply to start a Project here. Keep in mind that you can only apply for projects that are listed in this thread.

How can I build as an Adventurer?

As an Adventurer, you can build during Jobs, in Plot World with permission or freely in the separate Freebuild server.

Jobs are events started by Designers where Adventurers are given permission to help building Middle-earth following the Designer’s instructions (which are given using TeamSpeak). If you're not sure whether one is happening, do /job check. When there is a job running, type /job join [jobname] to join it, and you’ll probably have to use TeamSpeak too.

Plot World
Occasionally we have Freebuilds or Contests happening on Plot World, a Creative world in the Build server. This means that you don’t need to be in a Job to build in Plot World. But be aware that building outside of those Contests and Freebuilds is prohibited. You can know which Freebuilds and Contests are happening in the Jobs and Projects forum.
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