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Recent content by JarNO_WAY

  1. JarNO_WAY

    Cancelled JarNO_WAY's artist application

    In response to the height of houses, in old cities you can see houses/doorsteps often elevated above street level, because long-term use would slowly make the street deeper and deeper, especially if it's unpaved. I'd imagine this street was dug in a bit due to heavy use before it was ultimately...
  2. JarNO_WAY

    Cancelled JarNO_WAY's artist application

    Hey hey, it's been a while since my last update. got a lot of stuff going on in real life, and haven't found too much time for MCME. Hope you're all still considering me! hugs 'n kisses <3 edit: this is 3 houses in DA style btw, on theme build city street.
  3. JarNO_WAY

    Yes, I am doing fine

    Yes, I am doing fine
  4. JarNO_WAY

    Yes, hi

    Yes, hi
  5. JarNO_WAY

    Christmas Gift Unwrapping Event

    MCME Christmas Gift Unwrapping Event 2020 hosted by JarNO_WAY Hi all! This year we're gonna bring the christmas spirit back like the succesfull event it had last year; Santa came by and left presents for everyone on MCME who hasn't been naughty, or rather, the joint force of friends. Because...
  6. JarNO_WAY

    Cancelled JarNO_WAY's artist application

    Update: fronterior of a small farmhouse with thatch roof type: freebuild build
  7. JarNO_WAY

    Cancelled JarNO_WAY's artist application

    Update: Moria shop+living area interior type: plotbuild
  8. JarNO_WAY

    Contest Discord Banner Contest

    the screenshots must be Iconic in my opinion, so the cute green door of bag end is featured
  9. JarNO_WAY

    Cancelled JarNO_WAY's artist application

    hereby an update of a theme build; it's mostly for showing how I do my planning, but also a technique of a collapsed tower using boulders. also the walls look quite nice in my opinion, based on techniques from the osgo wall.
  10. JarNO_WAY

    Cancelled JarNO_WAY's artist application

    A very small update; I make a burial mound with a tomb interior, Elendil's tomb to be exact.
  11. JarNO_WAY

    ~ The MCME Times ~ [11/1/2020]

    thank you for your "honourable" mention @Itai007 :)
  12. JarNO_WAY

    Cancelled JarNO_WAY's artist application

    update: marsh themebuild location: x=1500, y=51880
  13. JarNO_WAY

    Cancelled JarNO_WAY's artist application

    Date joined: 18-4-2018 I have screenshots of all my builds and jobs in this imgur album, that's also where all the coördinates are: I also have done a lot of work on a dwarven hall, and it looked really neat in my opinion, but the textures got messed up in the last rp update, so in case you...
  14. JarNO_WAY

    ~ The MCME Times ~ [09/06/2020]

    welcome to the times team soarz, I'm sure you'll find your way in no time :)
  15. JarNO_WAY

    Cancelled JarNO_WAY guide application 2.0

    Minecraft username: JarNO_WAY Date joined: 9 april 2018 Country/usual playtime: Netherlands, usually play in the CET evenings, however I haven't gotten my schedules for my upcoming lectures yet so times may vary. Are you regularly on our voice communication?: Almost daily Do you talk on our...