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Recent content by MatthewVP

  1. MatthewVP

    Accepted Arkengarde

    CONGRATS! See you next time!
  2. MatthewVP


    Hey waz! You have offered a lot to this server as a whole and its crazy to think about all you have done for the guides in just the handful of months you have been on the server. It’s sad to see you leave the rank but when you leave guide you never really leave guide. Cya around.
  3. MatthewVP

    My Resignation

  4. MatthewVP

    Accepted Ben_the_Epic

    yay ben
  5. MatthewVP

    Accepted KingGodfrey's Minigame Badge

    Congrats, buddy!!!
  6. MatthewVP

    Accepted KingGodfrey's Minigame Badge

    Looks good to me :)
  7. MatthewVP

    Letter of Resignation

    Is this a joke?
  8. MatthewVP

    Accepted Tours/Minigames Badge Application [Arkengarde]

    I suggest you should apply for guide
  9. MatthewVP


    Bye, friend. :,(
  10. MatthewVP

    Accepted Limited WorldEdit for MatthewVP

    Maybe this discussion should continue in another thread. I think people become builders and Guides for many reasons but a big part of it is commitment. Some might become Artist because they are able to commit to the rank, and if they so happen to be interested in running games or giving tours...
  11. MatthewVP

    Accepted Limited WorldEdit for MatthewVP

    Thanks Ooits, but there is something that I do not understand. If it’s the case that this badge is only open for those with “current building roles” when there is no Builder badge, then why is this open for Guides? It seems like when Guides were allowed to apply for this, no one really thought...
  12. MatthewVP

    Accepted Limited WorldEdit for MatthewVP

    I’m not applying for artist @Jonatanknalle Portfolios aren’t needed anymore for this.
  13. MatthewVP

    Accepted Limited WorldEdit for MatthewVP

    Is something going to happen with this?
  14. MatthewVP

    Accepted Limited WorldEdit for MatthewVP

    I would like to restart this application :)