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  1. Mithrilled

    #12/20 - Minas Tirith Street

    I think by ruined he meant a burnt down village, there is already a start in northeastern Anorien (I'm not sure though)
  2. Mithrilled

    ~The MCME Times~[03/22/2020]

    Challenge accepted :)
  3. Mithrilled

    ~The MCME Times~[01/26/2020]

    I always thought Fingon was slain by another Balrog while he was fighting with Gothmog, but I have probably read that wrong. Source: a vague memory of the Children of Húrin :p
  4. Mithrilled

    #4/20 - Rohan Village

  5. Mithrilled


    That's super weird, @Eriol_Eandur do you have any idea what causes this?
  6. Mithrilled

    Going Away Thread

    Date Leaving: December 27th Length of Absence (or date you'll be back): a week Reason or comments (totally optional): Going skiing
  7. Mithrilled

    Lond Daer Style

    Then what colour should it be?
  8. Mithrilled

    ~The MCME Times~[12/1/2019]

    I have never heard the name Girion before, so sadly I don't know raff :(
  9. Mithrilled

    In Progress Human100 artist application

    I disagree, I think it's very good to have some diversity in your application. As long as we can have a general impression (so at least a few houses per themed build for example), I think it's fine. Not every nook and cranny needs to be filled to the top with detail.
  10. Mithrilled

    A Brand New Builder Base

    Hey everyone, So lately there has been lots of talk about a new artist base. Everyone has different ideas, so I thought it would be useful to make a thread to post these ideas in. Here are some ideas I have already heard: There will be a central floating island, which will be the "hub" of the...
  11. Mithrilled

    Happy birthday!

    Happy birthday!
  12. Mithrilled

    Accepted LeBlancGandalf

    Give this man foreman already, then he can be our own personal MCME beatboxer Can you make an MCME theme song for us leblanc (gl btw)
  13. Mithrilled

    #40/19 - Dol Guldur

    Yeah, council of elrond would be really fun
  14. Carrock


    Never knew Carrock actually looked like an eagle.
  15. Gadget in the Popcorn Stand

    Gadget in the Popcorn Stand