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Accepted Bruceboy55's Artist App

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  • DATE joined:
    • Aug 11 2020​
  • JOBS:
    • I don't know all the jobs I have done but I will list the ones I remember :)

    • Effie- Dead_Marshes_2 terrain detailing​
    • w0rld- pelennorroads roads for hypr​
    • w0rld- w0rldtrees8 trees in plotworld​
    • Hypr- Osgofield_road_3 roads for hypr​
    • Rudo- Rudo_Farm_Walls2 mini walls for Rudo.​
    • Rudo- Rudo_Farm_Walls1 more mini walls for Rudo​
    • Hypr- Osgo_Fields_Roads_1 roads​
    • W0rld- w0rldtrailjob cliff fixing​
    • Hypr- HHGradiant harlond harbour gradienting​
    • Effie- Dead_Marshes_1 terrain detailing​
    • Hypr- MoriaDerps fixing derps in moria​
    • Bart- stuffosgo making road in osgo​
    • Effie- Harlond_Wall_3 gradient the wall around harlond​
    • Effie- Harlond_Wall_2 more walls ^^​
    • W0rld- w0rldtrees2 TREE in plotw0rld​
  • Plots
  • ThemeBuilds
    • CastleFFA- Castle_Theme -theme not finished fully
    • i will add more soon
  • Freebuild
    • Fb- Moria_small -Moria hall thing with statue -freebuild area
    • Fb- House - just a house very cool -freebuild area
    • Fb- house_again -just another house Very cool -freebuild area
    • I still have loads of things unfinished they take alot of time and i wanted to post this artist app, so sorry i dont have that much to show. :)
  • Motivation:
    • I love building on the server really fun and enjoying unless you have to redo a whole build again but honestly I don't mind but
    • Motivation also comes and goes like many things but i get less motivated when i burn myself out, like build for too long.
  • Interests:
    • I love moria styles, caves and stuff to do with mines, i have also started building ruined buildings starting to like them quikly and statues.
    • the gondor style is also my fav to build houses in but rohan thatch houses are fun aswell


Staff member
Hey Bruce,

Thank you for applying. You've got a good start here, keep practicing!

Maybe try a more complicated moria build, a small hall perhaps or a some pillar designs?

Looking forward to seeing more.


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Sorry this is very short, mainly due to me forgetting to post last month i have been doing other stuff and some of my builds are not finished and are testing. I also know i forgot some plots here because i think i have done some other pelennor plots but i don't know where. Anyway i plan to be able to post more and build more to get more builds on this App.
    • Rudo: pelennor shed LINK
    • Hypr: Lond Daer Cannel LINK
  • Freebuild
  • Theme
    • FFA Castle (FINISHED) LINK


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Update 4
Been a bit busy irl the past month but this week i have been back building.

    • didnt get any lol
  • Freebuild


Staff member
Update 6

Some Gondolin Field work and a plot i did for Fish.
  • Elven Farm House With Windmill LINK
  • FoolHardyFish: Plot Fixing Brocken Trees LINK
Those elvish buildings look pretty cool! I really like them thus far. I would suggest try keeping a similar style throughout the roofs. The barn has a very low roof, similar to an Anorien roof. Try keeping that fantasy look to it. If you need ideas on how to do that shoot a designer or artist a message next time you are online.

Your moria house is pretty good too. If you wanna work on your moria skills, I'm sure badger has something available in East Gate.


Staff member
Yo Bruce,

You have done quite a nice job with the Elven houses for the Gondolin project. One thing to keep in mind is having a consistent design style throughout, which we can appreciate is hard on a large group project. For the latest "Elven Barn" I would suggest adding some support beams on the corners of the build, as it looks a bit bare for the roof to be sitting on top of the plaster walls.

Next steps for your application, we would like to see you develop some more ideas. I have a couple ideas that I could give you to develop further if wanted, the main one being Druadain settlements, and I am happy to provide some terrain and or trees for that, though it would be nice to see a completely original design. You could also attempt something else, and I am happy to help provide inspiration/Ideas. Feel free to contact me about this.

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