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Lacotax Artist Application


Aspiring Member
Date you joined: early jan 2020

jobs donne:

-Removing wood in Osgiliath
-Mershy trial 03, 06, 2020
-Small ruine house With leblanc 03,08,20

(I would like to do more jobs but the week I can not. and your hours don't really work with my schedule.)
I don't have a screenshot for the job anyway I haven't done anything breathtaking.

Avallónë jan 16, 2020
I suggest not to visit this one. :)
Link here:

4/20 - Rohan Village
I poorly built most of the roofs because the angle is not good
Link here:
8/20 - Ilmarin
Main project under development at the moment.
Link here
Additional Builds:

Lacota Roman city
it is a project to make an entire city at the time of the roman empire
Everything here is made by me and world edit :)
Link here:
Your interests:
I already work in the field of architecture. then it is true that it is a passion. I like being able to create things that people will appreciate. I am fan of Lord of the ring. when I saw all the construction you had done I didn't think it was possible to see more work on a map.
I am used to working with very clear and precise directives. I love when there is a challenge. I also like to reproduce a photo and try to make it similar in minecraft.
for the time being.
I tested two styles. gondor and rohirric. I am interested in all styles of building I just need to practice each style but I must say that I prefer above all elven and dwarven.
I want to ameliorate and thinned my talent with your style. I would also like to lend a hand and help them who are less talented to progress.
the things that interest me the least because I have less experience are everything related to vegetation, trees and terraforming. but I intend to improve it.

Your motivation:
I have never been in a Minecraft community before .
what makes me want to work with you is to see how well organized all is
and above all the beauty of the world you have created. I want to advance project..

A little more:
For the moment I continue to upgrade my theme build ilmain, I want to start working and develop my talents in the field of ruin construction. vegetation and trees seen which are my greatest weakness for the moment. if you have anything else suggested to me i'm open to any criticism.

And yes my english is not perfect but i will work on it too. Have fun!


Head Builder
Staff member
Head Builder
Media Team
Hey @Lacotax Thank you for applying for Artist!

It's up to you to keep updating this application. I will check in from time to time and give feedback when I think it's needed. This thread might help you as well.

Good luck!


Aspiring Member
Update Week 1

I have upgraded my theme build. The interior of all the buildings are almost finished. there is more to decorate and furniture. Then I start a new project to make a ruin in the same style as Osgiliath. I did some small job interacting with Oberanio in the moria.

here are the photos of the week :

I'm starting to get to know everyone. special thanks to maski98, mershy, oberanio, Andrewpioneer
and all the others

I will continue to update once a week.
have fun!


Aspiring Member
Update Week 2

this week has been busy. I start to experience the rp moria difficulty. really difficult for me at the moment. I still managed to progress. after I made a bridge that would go very well for a big elf city.
I have done the job of the wall in Osgiliath. with a Belgian leader. :)

thanks to mershy for the plot build. thanks to darki and mershy for world edit. and thank you to noric and maski98 for your precious advice.
have fun!


Aspiring Member
Update Week 3
This week i did a job with mercy and darki. very constructive 2 good forman. I then did a lot of experimentation with rp moria.
I made half a house. lol. I know you love that we put a lot of little house. so start doing this week. I have a plot with mershy and one with Ruben to finish too.

thank you to all the mcme team! have fun!


Aspiring Member
Update Week 4

This week I haven't been around very much, I changed my ideas a bit. I'm starting to plan my new project: a small farming village .

half of the terramorming come from the server map and not from me.

I also start a project to make a map on the scale of the Mcme server Belfalas

thank you! have fun!