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Mountainfrog Artist Application


Starting Adventurer
  • Date:
    I joined the server early 2020.
  • Jobs and Plotbuilds:
    There have been no jobs when I have been online.
  • Themed-builds:
    House of Tulkas (See attached file)
  • Additional Builds:
  • Seasoned rank in Hypixel Build Battle
  • I also built a dungeon (see attached file)
  • I added pictures of my other builds in attached file.
  • Your interests:
    I am interested in architecture and engineering. I am also fascinated by the world and creations of Tolkien. I also like all other literature and arts.
    My favorite building style from this server is Rohan.
  • Your motivation:
    This server is amazing and I would love to help create it. This will also be a excellent opportunity to learn more about building in Minecraft.


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Head Builder
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Hey @Mountainfrog Thank you for applying for Artist!

It's up to you to keep updating this application. I will check in from time to time and give feedback when I think it's needed. This thread might help you as well.

Good luck!