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In Progress MPMC1408's Artist Application


Is going on an adventure!
  • Date
July 15th, 2019
  • Jobs and Plotbuilds: (I haven't done a ton of jobs or plots but here they are)
- Andrast deltas with Mattlego ages ago placing I think some kind of gray sand and stuff (2020) [no image]
- Dol Amroth city roads with maski (2021) [no image]

- Small Upper Mines mine corner with Rwyland (2020) Link
- Some Harlond test builds (2022) [no image]
- Anduin house ruin with W0rldunder that is currently ongoing (2022) [no image]
  • Themed-builds:
FFA Castle Link
Saxon Link
Ent Link
Great Eagles Link
  • Additional Builds:
Belmont Hold Link
Castlevania Link
Hazbin Hotel Link

Below is the link to my master-post of images taken of other builds I'd like to be seen, each with a brief description and coords, all are in freebuild, sorry if this isnt the ideal format, I am new to this whole forum stuff.


  • Your interests:
I prefer using the Gondor resource pack and style, more European castles and buildings appeal to me. I'm more of an interior kind of builder, but exteriors are also nice. On this server, I mostly have spent my 4 months, 22+ days of playtime collecting, sorting, and storing Minecraft books in my Freebuild library (740+). Additionally, I build anything and everything that I can think of in my large Freebuild MPire. It's a chaotic realm that contains: furniture, clocks, torture devices, elegant rooms, guillotines, castle towers, battlements, telescopes, cars, bamboo devices, spiders, tombs, and quicksand just to name a few. My lands essentially exist so that those who want inspiration, or solid designs, can at least take a look around and see if what they find is any good. Not everything is my best work, there are a lot of old builds alongside the new, but I'm sure if you stop by, you'll find something of interest.

  • Your motivation:
I am interested in improving my own building skills, much of what I am capable of is simply not built, I haven't yet fully applied or represented myself with the occasional test builds or themes I do. I burn out easily, and generally hover to and from project to project, commitment is hard. That's why I haven't gone for Artist until now. I don't like to be boxed in, and can sometimes stress or overthink, but regardless, I am a determined builder with a decent set of skills, and can probably help out every so often with something. People tell me I should go for Artist, so, here I am :D


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