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I don't know if someone has mentioned that before. I talked with some people at discord but nothing too serious, just for the conversion but why(when the developers have time in the future) to not make something like MCME quest?

Something let's say for exploring, building, participating/winning in minigames, etc.

For exploring maybe when to go to few places let's say in anorien. When you visit the first you unlock the quest and when you visit all marked places (with you knowing or not knowing the places depending on the quest) to get the achievement.

For building when you join certain amount of jobs, do certain amount of plots or you did good and the leader of the job maybe to give you something like praise.

Minigame if you have won quizzes many times, be fastest in race, found certain amount of people.

No ideas for the upper ranks tho because I don't know what they will want but this is the thing I want to suggest.


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I think this would definitely be worth it as having something to do other than building and explore without a direction (apart from the fellowship) would round out the server a bit more. Also giving a seperate way to see yourself up the ranks rather than through the forums.