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Canceled sierraleone_ Artist Application


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  • Date Joined: July 17 2019 (started being active in later july/early august)
  • Jobs and Plotbuilds: Streams w/ Wroxxite, Buildday2 w/ ooitsbirdo_TI + Dav3ck, Mineshafts detailing w/ Dav3ck and Anorian Road w/ FoolHardyFish
  • Themed-builds: Forsaken Inn 1
    • Forsaken Inn 2 (I did the Forsaken Inn twice cause I wasn't happen with the first one but decided to put it in anyway :3)
    • Beorn's Hall (wip)
  • Additional Builds: I attempted a basic layout of Thranduil's Halls but I'm not really happy with it, will keep working on it :/ Here
  • Your interests: I've probably built more of the Eriador house style, but I love the Elven style so I'm hoping to work on that and Gondor? I'd like to do more terrain and trees and such as I enjoy it, and ruining is particularly fun - hoping to improve all areas of my building though
  • Your motivation: MCME has really inspired me lately to build in Minecraft and I know I'm not the best but I'm hoping I'll improve soon and be able to attempt more difficult styles. I'm always down for criticism and help so any is appreciated. One another note, Lord of the Rings has always been one of my favourite books and movies and it would be awesome to be able to contribute to this project and help with the whole process. I'm really looking forward to seeing the construction of Mordor and finishing Moria, and hopefully being able to help out with all the future projects
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Hey Sierra

Where's your contest build? :(

Anyways here's some feedback:

In general the last 2 Anorien houses you did look quite well made. Maybe they could use a little bit more creativity, but they are true to the original style, which is the most important.

About anorien house 2:
Maybe remove the top wooden beam, on the exterior between the stone and wooden floor. (To have more variation in height from the exterior between the 2 floors.)
- Avoid using the same mix for the ground floor as you used for the walls on the ground floor. (It can be stone, just maybe some different combination. eg. more cobblestone)

About anorien house 3:

- I'd recommend reducing the height of the top floor by 1-2 blocks, because right now the building feels very top heavy. Alternatively you could also increase the height of the bottem floor.
- On your last picture of the interior you have a pillar coming up next to the stair, but then it's cut off. I'd let it continue and hit the ceiling of the next floor.

Goodluck on your application!


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I like that most recent anorien house, but for how dirty it is, it's kinda weird for it to have plants next to the front door as decoration. Maybe delete that or make the plants more overgrown and unorganized. Other than that, I think that another thing about houses that are poor is that they shouldn't have massive bookshelves like that one does (unless it's the rare case of it being a bookstore in Anorien, but that's basically impossible for a poor area). In medieval times and earlier, most people would have no books (except for perhaps a religious one that's been passed down) in their house, due to the insane price of books since they had to be hand made. I think that you have really great building skill, but you need to put a bit more thought into what you're putting into and around your houses. Overall, I think that it looks amazing! Keep up the good work!


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Due to irl stuff going on and work I'm not going to have time to come on the server much and won't be able to complete my trial build unfortunately. I hope I can come back to the server when life isn't as hectic, and I'm fine with my plot being given away and restarted!