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~ The MCME Times ~ [01/10/2020]

New Year!
New mcME!

Editor's Note by Soarz
Welcome back to our first 2021 edition of the MCME Times!! As MCME transitions around us and projects get started and finished, we adapt to help inform you on all things project. We try and bring consistently high quality content and information to our readers. Moving into this new year make sure to do your best at anything you do and the most of all make sure you are having fun!! On behalf of the Times Team, i hope you enjoy your stay!!!!

~ Project Progress ~

Anorien - Lead: @draonic_slayer | In Progress
Report by Draonic Slayer

To start us off, Xmine has been finishing rivers, also the base vegetation for the plains where added and the basic structure for the rammaa echor was build. Many Plots are currently being handed out for the detailing work needing to be done.

Anorien 2.png

Lond Daer – Lead: @Ivan1pl | In Progress
Report by mattlego

LD theres actually been a lot of progress recently, draonic finished his bathhouse so thats quite huge but also i think since the last times something like 5-7 city blocks have been built and most of the remaining houses in the north of the city have been handed out in plots. I dont want to overpromise or anything but i think its definitely possible that all of the houses in the northern part of the city could be finished by the end of this month.

Lond Daer 2.png

Movie Cave – Lead: @DoctorDaom | In progress
Report by Soarz9

This is a new and restarting project, that is being lead by Daom and co-lead by Davy. Current progress is alot of planning has been happening in regard to the layout and design. Some smoothing has been happening to shape the cave. Some structures are being built and added to give it flavor.

Moria 2.png

~ General Announcements ~

Become a Donor
Keeping MCME running is not free, every month we have to pay $235 to keep up all our work. Donations help us keep doing what we love and providing you with amazing builds to look at. Donations are not required but greatly accepted, if you want to help us in our feat of rebuilding Middle Earth in Minecraft you can donate here.
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Our Video team has created a year in review for you this year, make sure to check it out below.:

A bit late on this one but this amazing Annuminas Video is also a must to see!:

Guide of the Month:
While its for every month, this person has been putting in alot of work into their craft. Please give a round of applause to Mapthor for his amazing effort in guiding and video making!!

~ Rank Updates ~
Report by Soarz and ooitsbirdo

Sevy689: One more has arrived and the manager rank is growing!! Good luck in your tasks going forward, we will watch your career with great interest!

Davy: The twat dav is back as foreman , welcome back prick - love ooits

~ Interviews ~

Interview with @EffieFrag

Who's your favorite project leader to work under and why?
I can't believe I'm saying this either but I'm afraid I'll have to go with ooitsbirdo (ikr?). He is the Designer I've worked with the most, and the one who trusted me with working on such a big project. I would even go as far as saying he was kind of a mentor to me, and definitely played a big part on my journey to become artist. I just appreciate the trust he showed me. Notice how I choose to say trust and not "giving me the work he didn't want to do himself" hahahaha jkjk.......

Question 2. If you could replace yourself with one staff member (e.g they take your spot/rank and you take theres). Who would it be and why?
That's a tough question cause I don't see myself as a staff member at any point in the future. Team is more than enough for me. But if I really had to choose I would probably go with Soarz cause working on the Times is a bit similar with what I did in my days as a Commoner Scribe.

Question 3. Whos your celeb crush?
I had a big Tom Holland phase when Spiderman: Homecoming came out, I had like 50 pics of him saved on my phone. I can make this even more embarrassing and say I was obsessed with a very particular picture of him eating some noodles, and my best friend used to make fun of me for that cause she said he looked like an idiot.


Question 4. If you could be any race from middle earth which one and why?
My heart wants to say an elf living in the Woodland Realm. I think that place is super pretty, and generally if I had it my way I would be a gender-bend Legolas. Master the art of the bow and arrow and defeat my enemies from afar while doing three back flips in a row.

Question 5.What would be your ideal meal. E.g Starter, Main, Side, Dessert and drink?
For a starter I would probably have some kind of seafood. Maybe a salmon or shrimp dish, cause I quite love seafood. Main course would definitely include chicken accompanied with rice, and for a side it's a tie between crispy potatoes or roasted mushrooms. The dessert would have to be a chocolate cake. Maybe one of those lava cakes. And finally, is it weird if I say tea for a drink? Cause it's always tea, just give me the tea mate. Preferably jasmine green tea cause it's my favorite.

Question 6. Whats the worst thing about being an artist
Hm weird question, I usually try to focus on the good stuff. I guess as an Artist I feel a bit more pressure to build than when I was a Commoner. But that's the job itself isn't it?

Question 7. Any regrets?
Not taking my saxophone with me when I left the freaking island I study on, on the other side of the Aegean sea. I haven't been back since March cause all my lessons have been online and I miss it quite a bit.

Question 8. Anything to say to your beloved commoners?
Keep doing what you're doing (maybe reduce the entities in your builds a bit lol). The Commoner side of MCME is more important than some people might think. It's one of the forefronts of the community, where new players that will stick around in the future are welcomed and make their first friends on the server. Through big projects and (sometimes questionable but still cool) builds and even storylines. So keep that in mind. You have created another layer of playstyle on the server, and in my eyes it's a whole new world. Keep that in mind, and try to welcome new Commoners just as you were. You never know who's going to be the next great builder or entertaining guide and event maker.

Interviewer: "Best Guide" Archimdes

~ Winners of “The Week” ~

This week we have another round of amazing builds and Media posts. We only choose from the best every time, so hard work does pay off. Sometimes it can get competitive and that is what will win a place here. Please give a warm welcome to this Times, winners of this week.

MEDIA Winners:
Here they are, our first Media Winners of the year! Let's hope they're good. ...Oh what the heck, of course they're good! I picked them myself!

But yeah, good work on the shots this fortnight, folks. As always, do keep it up.

This weeks themes are a combination of serious and funny. Make sure to hop on and check out the rest yourself, until then here are our weeks winners.

1st Theme: Ships

2nd Theme: Pizza (idk)

~ Lore of the Week ~
Of Gondolin:
Gondolin, the great Hidden City of Turgon was concealed from friend and foe alike during the First Age by the Encircling Mountains, and guarded from trespassers by the Eagles of Thorondor.
Some years after the Exile of the Noldor, Turgon was guided by Ulmo to the hidden valley of Tumladen, and there he founded Gondolin. Turgon's people, who had dwelt in Nevrast, travelled there secretly, becoming the Gondolindrim.
The city remained hidden for almost four hundred years, being the last Elven realm to endure against Morgoth, but it was finally discovered through the treachery of Maeglin and besieged. Turgon was lost in the Fall of the city, but some few escaped the destruction and dwelt as Exiles at the Mouths of Sirion.
The round valley of Tumladen, within the Encircling Mountains, had originally been a lake, and in its centre stood a hill that had once been an island: Amon Gwareth. The valley had been emptied time ago through the Dry River, creating the only entry to the valley, the secret path of Orfalch Echor.
On F.A. 50, Turgon abandoned Nevrast and went with his cousin Finrod; both travelled together southward to Beleriand. While resting in the Meres of Twilight, Ulmo went to them and laid upon them a deep sleep and disturbing dreams. None told the other about his dreams, but both cousins began a search for hidden places in case Morgoth broke the Siege of Angband. Soon, Finrod found the place where he would build his realm: Nargothrond; but Turgon did not, so he came back to Nevrast. Three years later, the Lord of the Waters appeared to Turgon upon the shores and commanded him to travel forth alone. Guided by the favour of the Vala, Turgon found the valley of Tumladen and decided to found his city upon Amon Gwareth, as a memorial to the yearned Tirion upon Túna. However, he came back to Nevrast and only shared his secret in reunions where he planned the building.
After the Dagor Aglareb, on F.A. 64, Turgon felt unquiet again, and taking the most skilled of his people, he went in secret to the hidden vale and the first building of the city was begun. A watch was set around, but the power of Ulmo also protected them. During the next fifty two years, Turgon dwelt mostly in Nevrast, until the city was completed. Then he gave his city the name Ondolindë in Quenya, the "Rock of the Music of Water", because of the fountains of Amon Gwareth, but in Sindarin this was rendered Gondolin, the "Hidden Rock". On F.A. 116, before leaving Vinyamar, Ulmo appeared to Turgon once more and told him:

“Now thou shalt go at last to Gondolin, Turgon; and I will maintain my power in the Vale of Sirion, and in all the waters therein, so that none shall mark thy going, nor shall any find there the hidden entrance against thy will. Longest of all the realms of the Eldalië” shall Gondolin stand against Melkor. [...] Thus it may come to pass that the curse of the Noldor shall find thee too ere the end, and treason awake within thy walls. Then they shall be in peril of fire. But if this peril draweth nigh indeed, then even from Nevrast one shall come to warn thee…”

The people of Turgon were a third part of Fingolfin's followers and native Sindar of Nevrast, and they traveled from Nevrast and secretly entered the valley of Tumladen in discreet companies. After their arrival in the new city, the Gondolindrim continued to labour in its building, until it was said to rival even Tirion itself. Its walls stood high and white above the plain, and its most prominent feature was the great Tower of the King, where, among the fountains, Turgon himself made Glingal and Belthil, trees of gold and silver made in memory of the Two Trees of Valinor.

Morgoth poured much of his strength and resources into discovering the location of the Hidden City, and his spies infested lands about the Encircling Mountains and wherever he could penetrate. After Nargothrond fell, Gondolin was the last great stronghold of the Noldor. The unbidden coming of Maeglin precipitated the destruction of the great city.

The first great blow to the security of Gondolin came by accident. Húrin, who was once held captive by Morgoth, was released to wander in the world, unconsciously furthering the Dark Lord's cause. He came to the edge of the Mountains, hoping that an Eagle would bear him to Gondolin. But Turgon, afraid for the lives of those in his city, and rightfully fearing what Morgoth might have done to Húrin, withheld rescue for too long. Húrin, seeing nothing, cried out in a loud voice "Turgon, Turgon, remember the Fen of Serech! O Turgon, will you not hear in your hidden halls?". Morgoth now knew the general area in which Gondolin lay, for his spies were watching this. Húrin turned away, broken and bitter.
Ulmo, the "patron god" of the city, watched with sad eyes, foreseeing the doom of Gondolin. He called forth Tuor, son of Huor, to the Sea, where he gave him a message for Turgon. Tuor was guided to the Hidden City by Voronwë, one of those mariners sent by Turgon to the West, who had survived a shipwreck. Ulmo's advice was that Turgon must abandon the city and seek the sea. For though hitherto the Valar had barred Turgon's messengers from reaching the Undying Lands, Ulmo foresaw that a direct descendant of the lords of the Noldor might be allowed to pass to the lands of the West. Turgon, because of his pride and the love of his city, decided to ignore this warning. Tuor, however, was welcomed in the city by all save Maeglin. Unwittingly, Turgon, who had always been so careful about strangers, further advanced the events that would lead to the fall of Gondolin by allowing Tuor to stay. For Tuor and Idril, the King's daughter, fell in love.
It was an extremely rare thing for a man to wed an elf-woman, but Turgon, who loved Tuor as a son, permitted it when he found that his daughter was full willing. Maeglin hated Tuor for this, and plotted his revenge on Idril... and as the years passed, on their son, the beautiful Eärendil.

~ Question of the Week ~

This Week's Question:{Question}
What was Galadriel's goal and motivation into leaving Valinor?

Question: {Question}
What group of people did friday night tours regularly during 2020

Correct Answer: {Answer}
Soarz and Mapthor

Unfortunately there was no winner for this fortnight’s question.

Presented by: Arothir Alamareo

~ More Media ~

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~ Closing Statement ~

And that will end our FIRST edition of the MCME Times in the new year. I hope 2021 will be alot more uplifting then the past year. Make sure to like, comment, and subscribe!

Great job for the Times Team, who did what they had to do, great job!

Quote from JRRT
“Moonlight drowns out all but the brightest stars.”


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