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New Profile Posts

  1. That1Bard
    That1Bard Arkengard
    I guess since I followed you all over Minas Moriah and the Paths of the Dead, I ought to follow you here...
  2. barteldvn
    barteldvn Mj0lnir
    Happy Birthday Miiil!
  3. TI_020601
  4. mapthor
  5. superlolster
    superlolster Mj0lnir
    Happy birthday Mil!!!!
  6. DynoDaring
    DynoDaring Mj0lnir
    Happy Birthday Mil
  7. didi45
    didi45 Mj0lnir
    MIIIL! or shall i say Mjolnir hammer of the almighty Thor god of thunder! happy birthday my dear enforcer friend :P I remeber back when you were an artist and you were never online I had no idea who you were ;) but now we all do! congrats and many more "Rockin" Years! keep on rockin!
  8. awaywind
    awaywind Mj0lnir
    I remember when you were a wee little artist, not too long ago mind you, and now you've all gone and grown up. Wishing you the best on your birthday Miiil! ;)
  9. Lord_Rafox
    Lord_Rafox Mj0lnir
    Happy birthday Miiiiiil :) Enjoy being 37. :)
  10. Mj0lnir
    WoW, Thank you for the gratulations. =D
  11. Smaug_Niphredil
  12. reycraft
    reycraft Mj0lnir
    Happy Birthday!!!
  13. lolbroek108
    lolbroek108 Mj0lnir
    Happy birthday miiil! Have an awesome day!
  14. Pants_of_Sindar
    Pants_of_Sindar Mj0lnir
    Happy birthday Miiil or hamer of Thor!
  15. ryttyr
    ryttyr Mj0lnir
    Happy Birthday Miiilnir!
  16. RubenPieterMark
  17. BWOT
    BWOT Mj0lnir
    Happy Birthday Miiiil
  18. awaywind
    I would like to say what a monumental day this has been for the Guide rank! We welcomed 2 guides @Lord_Rafox and @Twili_Midlink :D
    1. Lord_Rafox and lolbroek108 like this.
  19. awaywind
    I would like to announce the glorious news that I have received a blessing, another female guide, in the form of @Twili_Midlink
    1. Twili_Midlink and Lord_Rafox like this.
  20. BWOT
    1. Pants_of_Sindar
      Thank you! :)
      Mar 18, 2018 at 12:20 PM
      lolbroek108 likes this.