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  • Arkengard
    Arkengard reacted Sad to Ivan1pl's post in the thread Farewell!.
    When I first joined the server over 4 years ago I never thought I was going to stay. I was just searching for some nice LOTR builds to...
  • Arkengard
    Arkengard reacted Sad to superlolster's post in the thread My resignation.
    I know many of you won't care to read this, but earlier today I told BWOT that I am resigning from MCME for a while, mostly due to...
  • Arkengard
    Arkengard reacted Sad to DynoDaring's post in the thread Time for a break..
    Hello guys, and girls I'm certain it has become apparent that my activity on the server has drastically declined. It's partly due to the...