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  1. Aule_

    what version of mine craft is the server on?

    hey tried to reconnect to the server after a long time away. but having trouble what version is the server on just in case that's my problem thx
  2. Aule_

    cheers :)

    cheers :)
  3. Aule_

    Thanks :)

    Thanks :)
  4. Aule_

    Moria - Stage 4: Construction

    theres a stone block glass block that could be used
  5. Aule_

    Moria - Stage 4: Construction

    although i was unable to work on this contest myself. I have a cool idea on how to get the pillars to have a slight reddish glow, Lava on the inside of the pillar will glow red. whilst the stained glass blocks that let the light through should allow some of the lava's glow to envelop the...
  6. Aule_

    ~The MCME Times~ #27/15

    sigh i wish i had the time to do the contest builds! :( Good luck everyone and do your best! ;)
  7. Aule_

    what lady said :)

    what lady said :)
  8. Aule_

    Moria - Stage 2: Idea collecting and fine planning

    The hype will never die!
  9. Aule_

    MCME Summer Awards Voting

    I would nominate myself for the laziest, but then that would take effort
  10. Aule_

    Aule_'s tower hills concept

    Thanks for all the interest guys, currently I don't have acess to my laptop for a while but when I do I'll be continuing they project! @Portalrules333 it would be a pedestal at the tallest part of the tower, which should be close to 200+ blocks high
  11. Aule_

    Aule_'s tower hills concept

    It'll end up pointy when I finally have chance to finish, atm I've been really busy, but all suggestions are welcome guys! Thanks
  12. Aule_

    ~The MCME Times~ #19/15 - Breaking News: Promotions!!

    wow you guys voxelled mount gram pretty quick, it's looking good! I should be more active soon hopefully after my exams and then I can finnally help:D:D
  13. Aule_

    Moria - Stage 2: Idea collecting and fine planning

    have them pour the lava into channels, that lead to forges and smelters. rivers of lava running through moria.
  14. Aule_

    Finished Pelargir Dome Contest

    congratulations guys! :D
  15. Aule_

    Dwarven Textures Requests

    with the quartz stair block. when placed there are no sides (i think this block is a great idea but atm it's a bit buggy) an idea for the red sand blocks perhaps 3d rubble blocks or skeletons etc for the dead dwarves we have skulls but other bones would add nice details. or use the remaining...