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  1. barteldvn

    Inviting YouTuber Keralis for a tour?

    If we compare it to june last year you can see a good increase.
  2. barteldvn

    A solid 6 months later @Oberanio likes this post

    A solid 6 months later @Oberanio likes this post
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    Moria progress

    I think it should be possible to copy paste stuff like this, and I'd be willing to help with creating more as it's something that is really needed imo for some of the big (and small) caves we have in Moria.
  4. barteldvn

    Quick question!

    Welcome back! If you want to get commoner back you'll have to go through it like all new players. We have a new system for the commoners with votes, you get these votes by being active, nice and participating in jobs. Artists+ will then vote for you and after recieving 10 votes you'll get the...
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    Bart World Edit app

    Unrestricted. My main work area in Moria is the farms right now, however as a foreman I'll probably be leading more future projects aswel, atleast until other projects open up. Aswel as I can easily fix up some of the farms I've been making in Gondor (Belfalas) and finish up my last bit in Dol...
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    Bart World Edit app

    When did you join? June 2014 What rank are you currently and approximately how long have you had that rank? Foreman for about 7 months How experienced are you in FAWE? I've got about 2 years of experience with FAWE and Regular WE Will you need instruction in using WE once you acquire the badge...
  7. barteldvn

    Watchlist AdmiralSmooth Artist Application

    Interesting application, your themed build shows that you can build, but I must agree with Jonatan that it looks too similair to Arda's. I'd love to see you try some other themed builds (there's a new one) to show that you can do this on your own. About your other builds they're okay, just try...
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    Public Screenshot Thread

    I did a quick one for you
  9. barteldvn

    How to get trophies?

    They are awarded for simple things such as: linking steam,google,facebook... account, activating two step verrification donating a certain amount getting a certain amount of likes, followers ,messages... .... They don't really do anything though. Also I'm not 100% sure if they're enabled on...
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    Failed to Login: Invalid session

    Also close your launcher and then restart mc.
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    Brash's Mcme pack remastered (on pause)

    I'd go for the first one, but the second one is also very nice and I hope we can use it somehow.
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    Brash's Mcme pack remastered (on pause)

    I'd love to see your future releases on this! I myself am not able to help you as I don't know anything about all that fancy texturing stuff, but I'd love to use them myself for taking screenshots and maybe try some cinematics aswel.
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    In Progress ~mcme~ 2018 quality cinematics is here!

    I even use pov 30 when doing screenshots, it just looks better somehow.
  14. barteldvn

    LOL That Droog Said...

    Rip Merlin's builds
  15. barteldvn

    Accepted Oberanio Artist Application

    Not bad, not bad. You're definetly on a good start, but there are a few things I'd like to comment on. The forsaken Inn: I like the terrain you did, the swampy feeling and the terrain fits in very well with the forsaken theme. However I don't think it's too realistic, I'd think the house would...