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  1. bobingvar

    Happy bday ol' pal!

    Happy bday ol' pal!
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    There should be an award to the "Best Timeline Creator" ^^
  3. bobingvar

    Show me where you live

    Yeah, getting on was easy (no rails though), but then I looked down, so getting off of it was a bit trickier...
  4. bobingvar

    Show me where you live

    Might as well, you guys deserve to see the glorious sceneries of Norway! I Live in the South-Western (Best) part of the country, in a region called Rogaland. The biggest city of the reagion is Stavanger (AKA the Oil Capital), about 45 km from my home village, though I recently moved to...
  5. bobingvar

    Minecraft Middle-Earth Timeline

    I thought this was long lost! Happy to see it up and running after so long :D Has there been any updated thread about the timeline yet? If not I'd be happy to make one :)
  6. bobingvar

    Accepted bobingvar

    Haha, almost got me there :D Willdo, Thanks alot fin!
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  13. Bobingvar artist application

    Bobingvar artist application

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    Accepted bobingvar

    Eavening! My name is bobingvar and i would like to apply for artist. I joined the server on November 11th 2011. Since that time, I have participated in countless jobs, and hosted many of them myself :) Here is the link to my album containing the themed builds I have participated in, plus some...