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    Accepted Jonatanknalle's Voxel Application

    Glad ooits is keeping this updated :D , but next time don't foget to add the tag to the forum thread, ( I think you can still do that unless your perms have been magically changed) :P
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    Watchlist Marco_Playzzz's Artist Application

    Please check DISCORD :P
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    JCHorsky's Artist app

    I think it would be in your best interest to ask an experienced builder within the community if they can help you.
  4. BWOT

    Gilan Artist App

    I would think it your best interest to ask an experienced builder on the server, if they can work with you. Also are you still interessted in pursuing this rank?
  5. BWOT

    Canceled Shredz7 MCME Artist Application

    This application has been canceled for the time being until Shredz has more time to pursue the rank. Contact me on discord, to re-open it!
  6. BWOT

    Rank Update

    Aren't you glad we finally made it pink, after you left :P
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    ~The MCME Times~ [04/11/18] Announcements

    ~ General Announcements ~ Become a Donor Hey guys! As usual, we need donations to keep the server running, so please help out if you can! Our Donors Eriol_Eandur TotiGonzales #MCMEdoesnotrunitself #NEWS A late Happy...
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    ~The MCME Times~ [04/11/18] Project Progress

    The Official MCME Times November Chills! Tis the Season to be Building (next season is to be jolly)! Editor's Note by BWOT Wow and the Anniversary Events are over, phew… Great job to all who won, and thank you guides for playing a large role in organizing the events. I think we made a bit...
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    Minecraft 1.14 snapshot

    Only positive vibes with Raffy :cool:, also more crafting tables means more blocks regardless!
  10. BWOT

    All those salty comments had to amount to something :P

    All those salty comments had to amount to something :P
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    Youtuber and Builder Team Gathering Project

    I changed the name, and starting post in this thread to remove any idea of Minas Ithil :D
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    Watchlist Fexel's Artist App

  13. BWOT

    Watchlist Fexel's Artist App

    My forums are acting up I think, but I cannot see the 2nd page of your application. Whenever I try to go to the 2nd page it keeps on routing me to the first. *Edited later* Nvm... seems to be fine now. Anyway, I still feel your builds currently have a very "out of place" shape to them...
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    Accepted VMark5 Artist Application

    You have a lot of potential, but in each one of your builds I see small errors which with some guidance can be easily fixed. Will contact you on discord shortly, but I see you on the Watchlist in almost no time :D What's your discord name btw?
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    Canceled Shredz7 MCME Artist Application

    Your artist application is now under Watchlist, congratulations, you will be contacted by the Lead Builders on what you must do for your final challenge. Congrats @Shredz7 ! - I like your tree work, however, those interiors for the Pelargir houses could have used a lot more planning and work...