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Recent content by DoctorDaom

  1. DoctorDaom

    Artist Application

    Are you sure you want to be an artist? Or do you just want to have the rank and not the responsibilities coming along with it? Why are applying evertime after getting demoted or resigning, I don't understand you motivations tbh, I like you, but I'm not sure, if this is the right way to go.
  2. DoctorDaom

    Canceled Rhrim_

    oh hell yeah
  3. DoctorDaom

    Roofs or no roofs for Moria?

    i will try a mix between a flat and a decorative roof, that should work
  4. DoctorDaom

    Tomb Cave - Durin's Crossroads

    Project/area: In Moria, near the 21st hall, just do /warp ac Builder: DoctorDaom, already made a concept, but just dm me via Discord, if you want to take it or have questions Foreman doing the job: - Description: Currently doing the main Staircase, it's separated into smaller plots, which can...
  5. DoctorDaom

    Accepted DoctorDaom - limited WE Badge

    When did you join? First joined 2013 or so, but became an Artist on the 26th July, 2018 What rank are you currently and approximately how long have you had that rank? I am an artist and I have this rank for around 7 months. How experienced are you in FAWE? Worked with it on another build...
  6. DoctorDaom

    Accepted Roel2005 Artist Application

    Nice work, love that mansion :D
  7. DoctorDaom

    Accepted Roel2005 Artist Application

  8. DoctorDaom

    Accepted DoctorDaom Artist Application

    Thank you:D :)
  9. DoctorDaom

    Accepted DoctorDaom Artist Application

    Date: I can't exactly remember, but I think end 2016 Jobs and Plotbuilds: I did a couple of houses in Moria (Central dwelling) with Nic and Some other houses in Moria (Second dwelling) with Nic, some Roads with Quantacube, I'm currently building an inn (Second dwelling). Jobs and Plotbuild...