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  1. Eriol_Eandur

    Help, stuck in cave

    Click at the text in chat. Maybe you want to join our discord: Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers Would be quicker to help you there probably.
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    In Progress In your opinion, how should one open a book in a whole new world?

    I know many people who say the prologue of the Lord of the Rings is so boring that they stopped reading the book. So yeah obviously the third way isn't too good to start like that. At least not in todays frantic world with all the real-time communication via Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and so...
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    didi45's VoxelSniper Badge [V] Application

    "Uniform" means it has no small scale structures as I explained in my first post. Also I think what @gadget271 said hits the mark. What I call "uniform" and gadget "flat floor" and "straight up" walls makes your stream look a bit like a man-made channel, not a natural stream made by natural...
  4. Eriol_Eandur

    didi45's VoxelSniper Badge [V] Application

    Mossy cobblestone? That's a weird material for cliffs. Also the granite texture is meant to be loose coarse gravel. Stream and cliff shapes are still very uniform. And what about vegetation?
  5. Eriol_Eandur

    didi45's VoxelSniper Badge [V] Application

    The feeling in the ravine on the picture is very different from your ravine. You need to make your ravine much more narrow. Try to make people feel boxed in. So you should make rocky cliffs instead of smooth hillsides. Also you need much more vegetation (especially trees) on the cliffs. The...
  6. Eriol_Eandur

    didi45's VoxelSniper Badge [V] Application

    The hillsiddes are very uniform. You should try to add details of various size (rocks, cliffs, ravines, fissures, cracks...) I'd use alternating melt and blend ball brush with decreasing brush size. Your materials are looking very random. There are mainly single blocks which doesn't look...
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    Jonatanknalle's Voxel Application

    The upper end of your cliffs is at the same height level all the time. This is realistic only when the terrain itself is very flat. But you have hills around. I'll try to explain better on the server.
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    Minecraft 1.14 snapshot

    Who cares about crafting tables :p 14 New Stairs !!! 14 New Slabs !!! 12 New Walls !!! :cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool:
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    Jonatanknalle's Voxel Application

    Ah, an upcomming terrain creator :) I think you too many of your cliffs are parallel to height levels. Cliffs should be quite independent from height levels.
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    Jonatanknalle Trial Job 2018

    We should really start giving times in UTC, that does never switch :P Good Luck Jonatan! ;)
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    Youtuber and Builder Team Gathering Project

    So you want do to something similar as our partnership with Builders Refuge, who hosted a LotR contest and invited us to organize builder workshops. But I still seem some severe problems Why would a Build Team like NewHeaven come to MCME and build something for us? If they want to build build...
  13. Eriol_Eandur

    Youtuber and Builder Team Gathering Project

    The idea of MCME is to build Middle-earth together!!! That is pretty much opposite to asking an external build team to build one of the most epic places of Middle-earth for us. Also motivation is a very important point when you work on a huge project like MCME. It's hard to stay motivated in the...
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    Going Away Thread

    Date leaving: 18th of October Date of return: 22nd of October Reason: Trip to Berlin
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    updating the paintings?(gondor)

    Trapdoors are to valuable to use for such a rarely used block. But could be an item block.