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    Desert Island Discs

    I love these songs, I hope you like them too! 1.Yellow Submarine -The Beatles 2.Life on Mars? - David Bowie 3.Changes - David Bowie 4.Heroes - David Bowie 5.Leave a Light On - Tom Walker 6.All You Need is Love - The Beatles 7.Sweetdreams - Eurythmics 8.Concerning Hobbits !-!-! 9.Sorry - Justin...
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    3D Model for railings

    Thanks for the advice Eriol, I changed the code of the file, now it is complete I would say.
  3. Fraspace5

    3D Model for railings

    UP! New code for the model file and new texture for the model!
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    3D Model for railings

    Forum Title: Railings Filename: glass.json Resource Pack: GONDOR RP Model description: Ingame Image: 16 elements
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    Canceled Fraspace5 Limited WE badge Application

    Feedback are accepted!
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    I found this map in my book, maybe can help.
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    Canceled Fraspace5 Limited WE badge Application

    I did it today in Builders Refuge with WE (//copy,//paste,//undo,//set,//cut,//rotate) Scale_1:2_:
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    Texture Suggestions

    could you create real railings? Instead of using fences.
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    Canceled Fraspace5 Limited WE badge Application

    Feedbacks are accepted :)
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    Texture: Smooth Cordgrass

    Try now
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    One year as a member of MCME!

    One year as a member of MCME!
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    Texture: Smooth Cordgrass

    Texture Name: Smooth Cordgrass Texture Description: It's a texture created with the base of a fern, it should be smooth cordgrass.(32x32) Ingame Screenshots: Texture File: Don't forget to include the texture itself!:
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    Accepted Phoenix108 Artist Application

    Congrats Phoenix108!
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    Fraspace5 Screenshots and render

    New screenshots of DA at night:
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    Canceled Fraspace5 Animation badge application

    Application format: When did you join? Sep 16, 2017 What rank are you currently and approximately how long have you had that rank? I am an artist and I reached this rank on 29 January 2018. Which WE badge do you have? Currently no one but I have made an application to get a limited WE...