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  1. Winterdell


    How Rivendell looks during winter thanks to @[319:@Arkengard] .
  2. Gary_Baggins

    private messages

    On the forums you can "Start a new conversation" with someone or multiple people. On the server you type /msg playername message i.e /msg Gary_Baggins hello.
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    [Official] MCME Derp Report Thread

  4. Gary_Baggins

    [Official] MCME Derp Report Thread

  5. Gary_Baggins

    [Official] MCME Derp Report Thread

    I assume this is a merge derp(there are 3 in total around the wall), I've tried fixing it but I just make it worse.
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    Dark Wood Planks

    An idea for Mordor planks.
  7. Gary_Baggins

    Old Dol-Amroth build

    Are builds are not to be copied in any way sorry.
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    [Official] MCME Derp Report Thread

    This is because the Rohan pack needs updating.
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    [Official] MCME Derp Report Thread

    Also here.
  10. Gary_Baggins

    [Official] MCME Derp Report Thread

    Not quite sure what this is meant to be but it looks like a derp to me, not sure if it's a pack merge derp or just a general one.
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    (NEW) Head Guide and Assistant

    Congrats @Arkengard and @Raffyyy!
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    New Player suggestion

    That should be in the hands of @Arkengard now.
  13. Gary_Baggins

    LOL That Droog Said...

    Guess I'm John then? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Gondor RP Merge

    "I can't reproduce this one, looks the same on all faces for me @Gary_Baggins, maybe optifine connected textures??? " @Eriol_Eandur you are correct.
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    Gondor RP Merge

    lapis_ore and lapis_block