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  1. JarNO_WAY

    ~The New MCME Times~[10/6/2019]

    No answers on the lore question yet? Well then I'll be the one to say that Saruman's throat was slit by Gríma, who then got shot by a bunch of hobbits with bows.
  2. JarNO_WAY

    What are these places? Marble Hill and Isle of bears (and the story behind Fields of Cormallen)

    For my upcoming trial tour I wish to learn about these locations (My tour will be centered around the river anduin, if you wish to know :)). -Isle of Bears I have been searching around in all of my sources but haven't found any information about this place. In the Atlas of Tolkien's Middle...
  3. JarNO_WAY

    Accepted JarNO_WAY guide application

    Minecraft Username : JarNO_WAY Date Joined : 29 april 2018 What country are from / What time do you usually play online: I'm from the Netherlands, and during weekends and holidays I'm online pretty much for all day online (although my final exam year is starting right now, so it will be a wait...
  4. JarNO_WAY

    I felt the same way, i joined early 2018 but really got into it only recently. I was just very...

    I felt the same way, i joined early 2018 but really got into it only recently. I was just very active, made some suggestions I deemed necessary to the world, and after I participated in a job I got commoner really fast. Now, I'm planning to apply for guide. Be nice n active! :)
  5. JarNO_WAY

    Themed Build Ideas

    -Tirion architecture -esgaroth architecture -Angband/Utumno/barad-dur (bad guy stronghold, as you will) -Radagast's home -Dol Guldur -Cuiviénen (of course the artists interpretation of it) -Goblin Town -Durthang -Udûn -Numenórean Architecture
  6. JarNO_WAY

    Cobweb Texture & Shelob's Lair

    the blueish/greenish tints look amazing, but could be a little more amplified, I think. they seem like regular cobweb to me. Furthermore, I love the design, don't change the placement! can the texture be of higher resolution though? RubenPieterMark, for example, made a 128x128. how high is this...