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  1. Jesia

    Going Away Thread

    Date leaving: 24th of December Date of return: 6th of January Reason: Christmas and then skiing in the alps
  2. Jesia

    [Official] MCME Derp Report Thread

    man you're quick :D i realized it on friday that i made a mistake there :D but i have to find an nice way to add the acces
  3. Jesia

    didi45's VoxelSniper Badge [V] Application

    Well maybe since you want to use it in moria you could try and make a nice cave. I think the requirements are a little bit different then the ones for the normal Terrain. We have the same thing with Nic. He got hist voxel badge but was told to only use it in moria.
  4. Jesia

    Going Away Thread

    Date leaving: 25th of October Date of return: 4th of November Reason: Vacation, but it might be able to get online from time to time
  5. Jesia

    Public Screenshot Thread

    Entrance to the greatest place in Middle Earth
  6. Jesia

    #27/18 - [Project Build] Carn Dûm

    @Julius_the_Great remember that? ;)
  7. Jesia

    Moria - Stage 4: Construction

    Central Dwelling Project Leader: @Jesia Co-Leader: @NicTheFifth To get more progress into the central dwelling, Nic and i decided that it is time to do a proper project plan for it. There are different types of jobs that needs to be done. Even commoners/adventures can help since there are plots...
  8. Jesia

    Going Away Thread

    Date Leaving: 5th of June Date returning: 14th of June Reason or comments: Going to crete for holidays
  9. Jesia

    NictheFifth Foreman Trial Job 2018

    Guys pls join this job! I've seen the planing for it and it's amazing!!!
  10. Jesia

    Going Away Thread

    I have been skiing for 25 Years so i think i'm good ;-) but thx
  11. Jesia

    Going Away Thread

    Again me :D and again skiing Date Leaving: Tuesday, Feb 6th Length of Absence: 5 days Reason or comments: This time it's Switzerland
  12. Jesia

    Going Away Thread

    Date Leaving: Thursday, Jan 18th Length of Absence: 5 days Reason or comments: Going to Austria to ski in the wonderful alps
  13. Jesia

    Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday!
  14. Jesia

    What do you do outside MCME?

    Work for a German Car Company in southern Germany as an Application Manager Playing Golf Watching Football and American Football Playing some games Reading Hm i think that's all
  15. Jesia

    [Official] MCME Derp Report Thread

    No Problem...happend at different spots in the Hall i'm working on.