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  • Minecraft Middle Earth is a Minecraft community that recreates the world described by JRR Tolkien and his writings. Everyone can participate in organized events in which we collaborate to create major landmarks, terrain, caves, castles, towns, farms and more.

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  1. JustJoren

    Accepted Phoenix108 Artist Application

    Cgratz Phoen!!! (U've become artist rlly rapidly after applying ;) )
  2. JustJoren

    Accepted Roel2005 Artist Application

    Well Roel Ive only seen you online recently like one time, im not so active nowadays, but anyway, when I saw you online I saw your temple themed build and I was amazed. Its just such a wellmade ruin. Also I like your app layout and the way you are presenting it its semi-proffessional . Only one...
  3. JustJoren

    Real Life Art

    Drawn for my cousins in New Zealand
  4. JustJoren

    Going Away Thread

    Just wanted to mention I wont be on that much, Im on an agriculture internship. But I dont quite now the dates of leaving and returning.
  5. JustJoren

    ~The MCME Times~ [06/05/18] Announcements

    You can edit your post by pressing the edit button underneath it so you dont have to post a second post. (a lot of "post")
  6. JustJoren

    ~The MCME Times~ [06/05/18] Announcements

    Also I should get the rank manual treebuilder on here :P
  7. JustJoren

    ~The MCME Times~ [06/05/18] Announcements

    U start to sound as a mainiak if you "as" me XD
  8. JustJoren

    Accepted Oberanio Artist Application

    Well good luck Ober! Only tip I can give you is look at the comments and stay updating your application! (important note: to update this thingy you have to answer it, do not edit ur first post as we wont see an alert then ;) )
  9. JustJoren

    JustJoren's Magical MCME shots ;

    A screenshot from ages ago, it was taken before i started using shaders :)
  10. JustJoren

    JustJoren's Magical MCME shots ;

    Just realized I already posted this one :P
  11. JustJoren

    JustJoren's Magical MCME shots ;

    Some general terrain near the /warp Agar
  12. JustJoren

    Welcome to MCME (Introduction Thread)

    Welcome MineAls! Hope to see ya around!
  13. JustJoren

    JustJoren's Magical MCME shots ;

    In geological MCME knowledge then ;)
  14. JustJoren

    JustJoren's Magical MCME shots ;

    I should get into lore and general, geological knowledge of Middle-Earth a bit more...