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Recent content by Krazy_XLR8R

  1. Krazy_XLR8R

    Movies, Shows, and Trailers

    Christopher Nolans new upcoming movie.
  2. Krazy_XLR8R

    MCME Nostalgia Thread

    Not too sure if it still is available, but when you could have gifs as your forum profile picture. I'll always remember wikey's one..
  3. Krazy_XLR8R


    Favourite Sport: Football (soccer) Team (favourite player if it isn't a team sport) I support: Chelsea Favourite player (doesn't apply if it is one man sport already answered above): Frank Lampard Do you play a sport: Basketball and tennis. Do you have ambitions to be a professional...
  4. Krazy_XLR8R

    Upcoming name changes

    Not sure yet, I'll do some brainstorming.
  5. Krazy_XLR8R

    Upcoming name changes

    Ohh god yes, I absolutely hate this name. Ill try and take anything without X's and numbers :D
  6. Krazy_XLR8R

    I am now back from camping but my laptop decided to die D: . It has been a long journey and I...

    I am now back from camping but my laptop decided to die D: . It has been a long journey and I will miss it dearly.
  7. Krazy_XLR8R

    Going Away Thread

    Date leaving: 2nd of April Date returning: 10th of April Reason: Going camping to central Australia. See ya when I get back.
  8. Krazy_XLR8R

    :D Thank you!

    :D Thank you!
  9. Krazy_XLR8R

    Some Screenshots

    Man glove, these are really something special, keep it up! Maybe you could try Isengard, Bree or just some more natural environments, like mountains.
  10. Krazy_XLR8R

    Peter Jackson and his carrots

    And i believe he is eating a carrot in the Fellowship of the Ring, in Bree.