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  1. Merluin

    Would like to become a artist

    Pls just no. Go read the application format and requirements. Artist applistion format and requirements Edit: sorry for my rudeness here, I had just woken up and had quite the morning mood.
  2. Merluin

    Custom inventory needed?

    The point of the custom inventory is not 'ADDING' new blocks but rather GIVING ACCES to all the blockstates of the allready available blocks. Only the lil ammount of blocks that we did actually add, who're armourstands. But as we are getting mora and more new blocks we are moving some of the new...
  3. Merluin

    The MCME Times Project Progress [29/07/18]

    Still uses my twitter screenshot...
  4. Merluin

    Jsaund's Artist Application

    Hi Jsaund, Thanks for showing interest and applying for the Artist rank. You currently have too little screenshots to give you any feedback. Please do more theme builds and ask foremen for jobs. -Merl
  5. Merluin

    DaddyYogiBears App

    Hi DaddyYogiBear, Thank you for showing interest and applying for the Artist rank. Reading your application I cannot find a list of jobs you participated in. If you haven't done any yet then make sure to ask a foreman for one, and if you have then please list them. A lot of the pictures you...
  6. Merluin

    Gilan Artist App

    Hey Gilan, Thanks for applying for the Artist rank. The fact that you have participated in some jobs shows that you want to contribute to the server. However, let me leave some comments on them and your builds: As said, the jobs you did are a contribution to the server, but they are rather...
  7. Merluin

    Dol Amroth destroy build day

    UPDATE: this event will be held on Saturday July 28th.
  8. Merluin

    Dol Amroth destroy build day

    Undress Amroth Build Day 2018 25th of July: 10:00 (am) BST Supervisor: BWOT | Co-Supervisors and Job runners: TotiGonales, Merlinc01 Hello ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls to the great build day of Destroying Dol Amroth! This will be the final push for public production to complete the...
  9. Merluin

    Gondor RP Merge

    Coordinates: 2761 70 6607 Block Type: 102 Block Data: 0 Screenshot:
  10. Merluin

    Gondor RP Merge

    Coordinates: 6427 13 5455 Block Type: 160 Block Data: 14 Screenshot:
  11. Merluin

    Gondor RP Merge

    Coordinates: 3012 27 7032 Block Type: painting Block Data: / Screenshot:
  12. Merluin

    Gondor RP Merge

    Coordinates: 7555 61 4157 Block Type: 29 Block Data: 2 & 3 Screenshot:
  13. Merluin

    Gondor RP Merge

    Coordinates: 7548 22 3227 Block Type: 55 Block Data: 0 Screenshot:
  14. Merluin

    LOL That Droog Said...

    Hey can someone explain me why I hear people when i connect to voicechat?
  15. Merluin

    Going Away Thread

    I'd take 2 weeks to pack looking at all the clothes u got...