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  1. ooitsbirdo

    On Hold ***Osgiliath Vegetation Upgrade***

    For some extra lore our beloved head @Eriol_Eandur did some personal research where summed up his findings in this post: History of Osgiliath , all the points Eriol mentioned will be added
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    Tour badge

    When did you join? February 17th 2014 What rank are you currently? I am a foreman What do you want to bring to your in terms of content ? In my tours I strive for fun and enjoymemt that was the main reason I liked tours in the past from guides like speedy, kyz and others. They made their...
  3. ooitsbirdo

    Slowlex Foreman Application

    @superlolster did you really criticize the font size, leave it alone aslong his app looks good and he could run jobs thats all that matters #I_Like_that_font. Nice app slow, what type of jib did you lead and how many people where part of your jobs
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    Going Away Thread

    Date Leaving: August 4th Date Returning: August 15th Reason: I like to see the world burn
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    To revamp or not to revamp, that is the question.

    No, rohan was great when it was finished , but times change and things need to be updated, so Instead of making revamps main projects like DA make them side projects. where only a small number of people or jobs would work on the area while the main attention will be on the main projects like...
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    Two New Ranks Coming to MCME!

    out of interest what happens when a assistant like super steps down, who will recive the rank after to help bwot sort stuff out, will he go looking for a new assistant or what? Cause organizing stuff like that isnt seems to be a job not many would do.
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    Going Away Thread

    Date leaving: 4th of july Date returning: 15th jul Reason: you will probably find out in later discord talks which will include loud arguments with patrick and dav, thomas and others
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    Inviting YouTuber Keralis for a tour?

    The sas is realll, but indo makes a fair point
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    Can i draw out the fact that the swine pen need to be bigger, on average a pig will need are 5 M^2 of area dedicated to him , unless you want like 1 or 2 pigs you will need a bigger space for them to grow
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    is that a dig at me? <3
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    Accepted [WE-] MaDReD

    #ost in edhil is thethe worst project ever
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    ooitsbirdo voxel and unlimited WE

    @BWOT pasting in more then a few dozen trees by hand is a lot easier to do it with stensil especially for the forest region around osgiliath, I currently cant focus on my project since me and Dav both are currently studing for exams that are more important (which will only end on June 19th for...
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    ooitsbirdo voxel and unlimited WE

    Merlin thats cause Its a lot of effort to explain the reson for using WE for terrain to place in material which I prefer doing over the voxel method cause Im trying to type on a tablet which is hard af with stupid autocorrect
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    ooitsbirdo voxel and unlimited WE

    When did you join : a loong time, ago in a year called 2014 on feb the 17th What rank are you currently and approximately how long have you had that rank? Im possibly a foreman who has maybe been the rank for a few month (dont know the exact date I got foreman ) How experienced are you in Voxel...
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    Failed to Login: Invalid session

    restarting your game completely by closing the game, always works for me