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  1. ooitsbirdo

    In Progress ***Osgiliath Vegetation Upgrade***

    - Osgiliath Arc de Triumph Gate Defense - Welcome boy's and Girls to a much needed contest build. Teams or individuals will be working to try create the best possible plot in the set amount of time (2-3 Weeks), the best 4 plots will be chosen to go to the finial, and will recive detailed...
  2. ooitsbirdo

    5 years on this server....

    5 years on this server....
  3. ooitsbirdo

    Xmine01's Limited WE Badge

    I accept this application since i know you will be using this in Moria and this has been accepted by the rest of the staff
  4. ooitsbirdo

    Anorien Concerns

    Size i agree with you, i think the main town is becoming to large and the houses wealthy, the region is should be relatively empty except for a farms here and there where rivers actually exist
  5. ooitsbirdo

    Anorien Concerns

    Castles/forts where made to protect well traveled roads. Its the original reason castles where built in england after 1066. So aslong it isnt a fully fledged castle but a protective fort toallow travellers to rest in my opinion its fine
  6. ooitsbirdo

    In Progress The Mouths of Entwash

    Laziness, perfect you are embracing the designer life
  7. ooitsbirdo

    Accepted DoctorDaom - limited WE Badge

    Approved, hope you use the powers well in moria
  8. ooitsbirdo

    Limited WorldEdit for MatthewVP

    Its still open, if guides start actively building in projects im happy to give limited WE premission
  9. ooitsbirdo

    Anorien Concerns

    Im happy with the idea purposes, its lore accurate and realistic
  10. ooitsbirdo

    Anorien Concerns

    I belive if i remeber correctly farmers from ithilian escaped from ithilian and settled in anoria and continued farming
  11. ooitsbirdo

    Limited WorldEdit for MatthewVP

    Im pretty sure toti said it all, there is no need for you to have limited WE as its not used for current building roles, sorry mathew
  12. ooitsbirdo

    Voxel for TeamPalladian

    Well i think this terrain is good enough, any opinion on the terrain @Eriol_Eandur
  13. ooitsbirdo

    Voxel for TeamPalladian

    Could we see some examples of you using voxel to make terrain, im sure that wont be to muchof an issue, its just to show as evidence you have the skills to use the brush
  14. ooitsbirdo

    WE+ Application _Luk

    Not sure you have enough knowledge of WE ;) , Naa i approve this app since its clear you know how to use WE
  15. ooitsbirdo

    Your hooked on bachelors, damn never knew you swing that way babes

    Your hooked on bachelors, damn never knew you swing that way babes