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Recent content by ooitsbirdo

  1. ooitsbirdo

    Mithrilled's limited WE badge application

    I am accepting this application, please ask a suitable vala for the badge on the server
  2. ooitsbirdo

    xImRush´s Limited Worledit Badge application

    I accept this application please ask a suitable vala for the badge
  3. ooitsbirdo

    Roel2005 Voxel Application

    I am accepting your application, your skills are alright at the moment , but i suggest that you further practice and improve, ask @barteldvn for some lessons maybe
  4. ooitsbirdo

    FoolhardyFish Trial Job:

    Same my twin ooitsbirdo_TI can participate
  5. ooitsbirdo

    FoolhardyFish Trial Job:

    Goodluck stopping me, my project area
  6. ooitsbirdo

    Accepted FoolhardyFish's Limited WorldEdit Badge Application

    I accept this application, you will require WE for jobs and building purposes
  7. ooitsbirdo

    Accepted Phoenix108's WE- Application

    As artist you will require the limited WE tool, i accept this application.
  8. ooitsbirdo

    Scooby's Full World Edit App

    I accept this application for limited WE, please create a new application for full WE, when you think its suitable.
  9. ooitsbirdo

    Roel2005 Voxel Application

    Awsome app and i like the inital pictures on you portfolio, can you please create a larger plot of terrain so we can see your skill level better. Thank you
  10. ooitsbirdo

    DoctorOneTwo's - Limited WE Badge

    After discussing with the relevant staff im happy to say that you application has been accept this application, as i am not able to promote you on the server please ask Eriol or BWOT.
  11. ooitsbirdo

    In Progress ***Osgiliath Vegetation Upgrade***

    I am working on this, left instructions for vala to annouce
  12. ooitsbirdo

    Summer Meetup 2019 (Europe)

    They have seen the image of me and dav, its fineeeeeeee
  13. ooitsbirdo

    Summer Meetup 2019 (Europe)

    blame thomas and the Breed slices
  14. ooitsbirdo

    My Resignation

    RIP mapthor your memes will be missed greatly as well as your general chill attitude to all, bye bye sweet prince
  15. ooitsbirdo

    In Progress ***Osgiliath Vegetation Upgrade***

    - Osgiliath Arc de Triumph Gate Defense - Welcome boy's and Girls to a much needed contest build. Teams or individuals will be working to try create the best possible plot in the set amount of time (2-3 Weeks), the best 4 plots will be chosen to go to the finial, and will recive detailed...