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Recent content by ooitsbirdo

  1. ooitsbirdo

    Staff Application

    Please use the correct format when applying (https://www.mcmiddleearth.com/threads/staff-application-format.204/) and i would strongly/extremely suggest for you to be on the server for a longer time and to atleast to hold a rank of guide or artist before even thinking of applying
  2. ooitsbirdo

    Accepted SPACE_LEMON Artist Application

    Staff and forman have discussed your build on numerous occasions and we recognise that you are a talented builder, we would like you to build a hall on moria next to the fellowships path to give you the experiance you need. @DoctorDaom has a hall ready i belive. Thank you for applying
  3. ooitsbirdo

    A new era for the guides

    Well technically dyno, iru and ryantumber alsp count as head guides...
  4. ooitsbirdo

    Cancelled BananaDaGuerra's application

    Hello Mr Banana are you free anytime this weekend to discuss you current build, i have several points that you can work and improve on. But your current builds show a good start for us to work on and improve.
  5. ooitsbirdo

    Finished My Resignation

    Jona it has been a genuine pleasure working and building with you, i wish you the very best of luck in school and in all you endeavours. Just remember if you put in the same effort you did as an artist, assistant and staff im general you will do well in life. You better come on disc from time to...
  6. ooitsbirdo

    Accepted Thanx4loot's Limited WE App

    Artist as standard get WE-, Ill ask Cred/bart (or what ever vala i see first) to give you the badge after your trial hall on moria is fully done and approved.
  7. ooitsbirdo

    Accepted Andrewpioneer's Unrestricted World Edit Application

    Well done this app is accepted as your skills with WE are well know
  8. ooitsbirdo

    Accepted Limited WorldEdit for MatthewVP

    you are a have esperiance in both WE and Voxel from your time in Ardacraft and i know you can use this, i have no issue giving you this badge, please do use it when working in jobs
  9. ooitsbirdo

    Accepted gadget271 #Round2

    I was a guide when gadget became a guide... never again, the man has done less tours then any guides i have ever seen. Terrrriiibbbllllleeee worst nandos lad after thomas
  10. ooitsbirdo

    Accepted Thanx4Loot Artist Application

    We like your Builds, and show a lot of potential, ill be talking with staff to see if we can give you some more builds to see your skills and further push you along the artist application.
  11. ooitsbirdo

    Accepted Milarwen's Limited WE Badge Application

    You already had it, pretty sure you could have asked eriold or bart to re give you the badge, but much appreciate the app, its accepted
  12. ooitsbirdo

    Accepted Odin___ : Limited WE Application

    By the power invested by me, by me, I approve this application.
  13. ooitsbirdo

    Mod Badge: Milarwen's Application

    The way i understand the mod badge will work, is that you will be contacted and asked to join the moderator rank if they think you will be able to contribute. Hence why there is not application format. But you atleast raised your interest for the badge
  14. ooitsbirdo

    Canceled litesoda's Artist Application

    Hello, i like that you actively participate in a variety of jobs continue that and learn from people around you. As for you themes i would like to see more detail. As you can see your black gate theme is very plain and hasn't go much to it. I suggest you watch how some artist and designers...
  15. ooitsbirdo

    The Four Farthings Summer Events 2019

    Thats part of node, but maybe we can do it again after for mcme @Smaug_Niphredil