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  1. q220

    im banned

    It should be okay now i think
  2. q220

    im banned

    Yeah strange, it says jeisonfreitas is not banned for me too. I'll check it out.
  3. q220

    List of Servers, IP adresses, and domains - Redactional changes

    Made it more clear that the IP adresses (which are domains) have to be put inside the game, and not the web browser. Additionally I added a landing page for those who would still visit Minecraft Middle Earth Build through the webbrowser, giving clear instructions.
  4. q220

    List of Servers, IP adresses, and domains

    q220 updated List of Servers, IP adresses, and domains with a new update entry: Redactional changes Read the rest of this update entry...
  5. q220

    How to install a resource pack [Deleted]

    This resource has been removed and is no longer available.
  6. q220

    How to connect to the server

    How will I connect to the server? If you already know how to connect to multiplayer servers, the ip is build.mcmiddleearth.com If this is your first time joining a multiplayer server: Launch the game On the main menu, click on 'Multiplayer' On the new screen, click on 'Add Server' You can...
  7. q220

    It is good making into a habit early on though, as 2FA as a second defense next to passwords...

    It is good making into a habit early on though, as 2FA as a second defense next to passwords gives far better account security!
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  9. q220

    Badge application formats

    Badges are a specific set of permissions. You can read what badges are available and what the requirements are for each badge on the wiki page: Badge System For each badge, the following questions are to be used during the application: Limited Worldedit When did you join? What rank are you...
  10. q220

    LOL That Droog Said...

    It was probably breaking the immersion too much
  11. q220

    Coreprotect Guide

    q220 submitted a new resource: Coreprotect Guide - How to use Coreprotect Read more about this resource...
  12. q220

    Coreprotect Guide

    Coreprotect is an advanced block/action logging plugin that stores information such as blocks breaking, chat, logins and much more into a database. In case of griefing or problems this information can be used and sometimes even rolled back to a previous state. Main commands Command...
  13. q220

    Website updates March 4

    Hey everyone! Just dropping the latest changes here in this thread, mostly bugfixes and small functionality changes. Donation system Unconfirmed donations will now be hidden Fixed issue with pagination when a user clicked on pages on the bottom, resulting in misredirects Conversation search...
  14. q220

    I'm stuck in the New Player Area

    This was a problem on our part, you should be able to join again at the location you have logged off.
  15. q220

    Plugin updates for the Build server

    This is not yet the 1.13 release you've been hoping for, though 1.13 is in the foreseeable future. I was going to update the plugins with the 1.13 release, but some of the new stuff was just too nice to wait for. Here we go: PlaceholderAPI 2.9.1 > 2.9.2 Technical update. Increased compatibilty...