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  1. q220

    The Battle for Middle-earth

    So what is this exactly? A mod for Battle for Middle Earth? I thought that game was discontinued?
  2. q220

    Upcoming changes to the forums

    Hey everyone, this is quick summarisation of the changes coming in the latest forum update. Push notifications Push notifications allows you to be notified in your browser or mobile device (with the exception of Safari on macOS and any iOS based browser) You will have the ability to chose for...
  3. q220

    Minecraft 1.14 snapshot week 45

    This is mostly bugfixes, but there was a feature that was very interesting for us: Block: Scaffolding Scaffolding allows the player to move up (by jumping) or by going down (by sneaking). When the bottom part is destroyed, the entire construction collapses (like Chorus). The block has no...
  4. q220

    Minecraft 1.14 snapshot

    Yeah from what I'm seeing they are fleshing out crafting to be more contextual - no longer able to craft anything at a workbench. Dedicated tables for certain uses etc.
  5. q220

    Minecraft 1.14 snapshot

    This is the first of a new try-out series in which I'll introduce people the newest features that are being introduced in development versions for future Minecraft (snapshots). Snapshots are released on a weekly basis by Mojang once they feel a major update is ready to be trickled into the...
  6. q220

    MCME's 8 Year Anniversary!

    8 years. Has it really been that long? :O
  7. q220

    Thanks for the wishes everyone :)

    Thanks for the wishes everyone :)
  8. q220


    Thanks for your time and energy you put into all the building and TB's for MCME Ivan! I'm sure we will miss you :)
  9. q220

    Can't join server

    If you close the game and the launcher and start the launcher again, this should no longer happen. (Looks to happen when people have their launcher open for long periods without the game running)
  10. q220

    The Six Dragons Summer Events: The Hunt for Durin's Axe

    I really need my piggybank back! :(
  11. q220

    Steam Summer Sale 2018

    Save 50% on Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition on Steam i recommend if you like action platformers!
  12. q220

    Steam Summer Sale 2018

    935 :(
  13. q220

    Steam Summer Sale 2018

    Not much as it seems I already had all the good stuff :-(
  14. q220

    Steam Summer Sale 2018

    What goodies did you manage to get?
  15. q220

    People can now link their Minecraft account to the website, allowing automatic syncing! Type the...

    People can now link their Minecraft account to the website, allowing automatic syncing! Type the command /link in the game.