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    ~The MCME Times~ [20/05/18] Announcements

    Ruben we didn't need your add on information, I quickly copied and pasted something as Smaug was unavailable, if you are really this passionate why don't you do this part of the times bi-weekly see how it turns out for you.
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    ~The MCME Times~ [20/05/18] Announcements

    If it really affects you personally that I haven't changed my sentence then I will change it next time.
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    ~The MCME Times~ [20/05/18] Announcements

    because I haven't changed it since I started interviewing people because I forgot tbh, and also I get to mention myself then so why not :P
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    LOL That Droog Said...

    I guess but still :p
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    Raf's list of great hide n seek locations

    how the hell do u get players to play in new town when every 5 seconds someone crashes there ?
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    LOL That Droog Said...

    mining diamonds i suggest the glittering caves do /warp glittering caves and netherportals I suggest /warp Isengard
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    LOL That Droog Said...

    Dunno, this just made me laugh a lot XD
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    Minecraft Middle-Earth Timeline

    anyone pre 2018 wouldn't be recorded in there though
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    New Head Developer

    Grats Eriol :D I know you will be an amazing Head Dev
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    The New Audio Book

    But red ur one of those people who likes classical music so clearly u like boring stuff :P <3
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    Hehehehehe I win

    Hehehehehe I win
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    Happy birthday mappy wappy, hope u have an amazing day :D :)

    Happy birthday mappy wappy, hope u have an amazing day :D :)
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    Failed to Login: Invalid session

    Dyno I never took you for the kinda person to use a cracked account :p