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    Game Of Thrones TV Series (No Book spoilers plz)

    According to the showrunners the water Bronn pushed Jaime into at the end of the episode was the Blackwater. (source=leaked scripts for the episode lol) So it's most likely that they already passed the kingswood at that point? Not sure, as if that was the case Dany could have easily been seen by...
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    Game Of Thrones TV Series (No Book spoilers plz)

    I saw a reddit post (don't have the link with me sorry) which ordered each scene into chonological order with accurate dates and times, starting with Bran's arrival at the wall. Basically most of their times are feasible with gap times, except for that of Euron's appearance in the Silence at...
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    Mordor Terrain

    Also just a little question, will the plateau of Gorgoroth be an actual plateau? Surely it's more than just a name. I get people want to have a massive Barad-Dur but just a thought. Isn't there also farmland around the Sea of Nurn, which would mean flat-ish grassland that's more fertile?
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    Finished Saplings

    Your birch sapling still match those within conquest.
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    The middle door in the Rohan pack looks like monsterfish's jungle door from ravand's conquest pack simply resized. I'd check with monsterfish before you use it your resource-packs.
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    Happy Birthday Jacen!

    Happy Birthday Jacen!
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    Finished Aldburg Revamp

    I think what glove was referring too is the fact Tolkien drew a lot of his inspirations for Rohan from the Anglo Saxons and some Northern Structures (Namely Hrothgar's Hall from Beowulf). In this respect it wouldn't relate at all to a Norman style castle, more related to Anglo Burgs, which were...
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    Finished Misty Mountains [Part 1 - Mountains of Moria]

    Yea, but the books kind of made itout like it was a small stream fordable all along the stream. plus it calls it a stream if i remember correctly
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    Finished Misty Mountains [Part 1 - Mountains of Moria]

    Always thought nimrodel was just a small 2-3 block wide stream, since it was described as being fordable. Also, having it as a stream might allow nicer overall feelings, making the falls seem taller etc.
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    Finished Lothlorien Vegetation

    There is, but it only looks good if randomized via mcpatcher/optifine...
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    Finished Lothlorien Vegetation

    Actually, mallorns never are 'leafless'. The books specifically state they: 'fall not' and in the summer and spring are green with gold flowers and in winter/autumn have gold leaves that fell in summer to have green leaves and flowers take their place, since legolas always said lorien looked...
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    MCME Modded?

    Launchers are just about the easiest things to use and install, I hardly see the problem in not using them. It's like redownloading mc without paying money, with several extra perks (more blocks)... I.e. Launchers already have resourcepacks in them, (already installed). It's way easier than...
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    Finished Lothlorien Vegetation

    Another quote tells one of certain types of undergrowth etc., like bilberry and such. Also, Fellowship went through lorien in movies and books during winter.
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    Finished Rammas Echor- More repair areas

    Causeways are also built on really flat ground, so that in spring when the flooding comes in the road won't be washed away :)
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    Finished Rammas Echor- More repair areas

    Only thing about that would mean that the terrain around osgo & minas would be a huge flood plain (relitively flat ground) or else there would be no use for a causeway :S.