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  1. Wollip666

    Got no perms lol

    Got no perms lol
  2. Wollip666

    R.I.P MCME Museum - Your creator cannot visit you.

    R.I.P MCME Museum - Your creator cannot visit you.
  3. Wollip666

    In Progress North of Mordor

    @Fireinferno13 lol
  4. Wollip666

    In Progress Mordor Borders

    Third time's a charm boi ;)
  5. Wollip666

    Foreman Colour

  6. Wollip666

    Yea nah

    Yea nah
  7. Wollip666

    Musicians Thread

    @greglas2 Have a look at Ibanez and Cort basses. Both brands have great starter/affordable basses that still sound great. I've been playing Corts and still have the first $300 one I bought when i was 13, still plays like a boss. @Will_em ;)
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    Minecraft Middle-earth Quotes Thread

    I love the dong - @muteberlin
  9. Wollip666

    Show me where you live

    Okay, time to ramp this thread up. Most of you know that I live in the deadly hell hole they call, Australia. While yes, most of the country looks like this… I live in the part that looks like this… My small town is at the base of the mountains of the left. These are the Glasshouse...
  10. Wollip666

    ~The MCME Times~ #29/16

    Well done, my child.
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    10,000 members! (hopefully no one else was doing this...)

    Pretty sure the first one had somthing like 22k
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    Funny Pics and Vids

    Re posting for awareness:
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    But in all seriousness, moot, you still get me wetter than a water park in monsoon season.