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    A Whole New Music Thread

    we cant post youtube videos anymore? this song is nice though
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    Thanks for your contributions and hope to see you around!
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    A Whole New Music Thread

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    The New Head Designer!!!

    congrats sir
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    Music stuff

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    thanks man

    thanks man
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    ~The MCME Times~ #15/17 - Gondor RP 2.1 Being Released

    The screenshot of the week is awesome
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    Funny Pics and Vids

    Comparing people on a minecraft server to a fascist state..
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    Thanks :)

    Thanks :)
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    ~The MCME Times~ #44/16

    Hollin ridge btw?
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    ~The MCME Times~ #44/16

    Really cool closing statement
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    Artist Jobs List

    Perhaps it would be good if only designers could edit the build of the artist without the artists permission? So artists are not allowed to change each others builds dramatically without talking to each other about it first
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    Summer Survival

    I think I can make it. Team: Yourie98
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    Survival Screenshot for FB!

    My cozy base