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Enforcer Manual

Table of Content


Rank Description

The rank of Enforcer is an authoritative rank within the Minecraft Middle-Earth. Enforcers moderate the within the scope of the community. They oversee operations through the MCME Network (VoiceChat, Website, Game servers, ...). An Enforcer's primary role is to make sure that people respect and follow The Terms of Service And Rules. The Enforcer is responsible to correct a player's behaviour who have committed an infraction and deal with the player by applying the procedure explained in this document. Enforcers have the power to issue sanctions such as bans, assigning Oathbreakers or other disciplinary actions. They have access to an advanced logging tool that allows them to discover what happened at any place at any given time. Enforcers process these logs and take evidence whenever someone is banned to justify the measure.


Enforcers are Staff members who are assigned as rule-enforcers of Minecraft Middle-Earth. They are responsible for moderating the activities within the scope of the MCME Network. The Enforcer's main duty is to make sure that players are following The Terms of Service and Rules. Enforcers have to be knowledgeable of these Terms of Service and Rules, and also possess the necessary social skills to explain to the player why the behaviour is unwanted and what the consequences can be if he keeps continueing. Enforcers can apply measures described under the Punishments section. Enforcers are supervised by the Head Enforcer. Enforcers also have to possess ethical judgement, as the Terms of Service are not absolute and covering all the situations that are detrminental to the server. Some situations require immediate intervention, which can be done by instructing a person to stop this particular behaviour or action. Acting against behaviour or actions that are not described under the Infraction table, fall under First Responder Actions.

Scope of Minecraft Middle-Earth

Enforcers are to moderate within the domain of Minecraft Middle-Earth, which are all services and platforms that are running on MCME's servers or are used as a service for MCME (website, game, voice chat, MCME Youtube channel, ...)

First Responder Actions

To be elaborated.

Standard Operational Procedures

To be elaborated.

Infraction-Punishment Table

Infractions displayed below are transferrable to other mediums and platforms of Minecraft Middle-Earth. Enforcers are granted the discretion to make a dececision on punishments and infractions issued to users within MCME based on the table below as well as the Terms of Service and Rules.

The terms "Warning / Caution" is informing the player through direct communication either done by chat or messaging.

First Degree Oathbreaker
Infraction Circumstances
Some Action Circumstances or severity of the action
Unauthorised modification of terrain 2 - 5 block activity
Spamming Chat 2nd intance after warning
Social Indescretions
  • Use of Derogatory or Explicit language
  • Political / Religious commentary
  • Insinuating, referencing explicit content, such as pornography or vulgar material.
Ignoring Staff instructions Ignoring guidelines and/or directions of Staff.
Second Degree Oathbreaker



Bans are to be documented by the Enforcers. This means that the ban has to be recorded and records have to be kept. The Enforcer keeps these in a centralized document along with sufficiently gathered evidence, a summirzation of the events that took place, the name of the banned player, the name of the Enforcer that issued the ban and the date of the ban.

Enforcers are held accountable for the supplied information. In the case a ban is not well-documented or has poor evidence, the ban could lead to an immediate appeal.

Uploading Evidence

The uploading of screenshots or other evidence requires the use of the MCME Google Drive - Enforcer folder.
Filenames should be in the format BANusername or 1st/2ndOBusername.


  1. Open the MCME Google Drive - Enforcer folder.
  2. Open a tab for the Enforcer Evidence List.
  3. Complete filling out the fields of the form.
  4. Open the Evidence / Photo Folder for that month.
    Transfer the evidence to that folder.
  5. Once the upload is finished, right click on the image and click on Share.
  6. Change the Private setting to Anyone with Link.
  7. Copy the link and shorten it through http://goo.gl
  8. Use the shortened link for the entry on the MCME Enforcer List

Responding on reports on the forums

Users can report content either through the moderation system on the website. Users can also report suspicious activities or behaviour on the appropriate forum section Report Anonymously. Enforcers handle the report and once resolved, mark the thread as [Resolved] by editing the thread prefix.

Enforcer Commands

Admin Chat

Enforcers can make use of the ingame admin chat channel. Messages that start with /a are sent into the staff channel. For example /a Hello everyone. You can toggle the requirement for /a on or off with /a !on or /a !off. If the setting is !on, all chat messages will be sent to the admin channel. When the setting is !off, sending messages to the chat channel will require your sentences to again begin with /a.


Prism is the logging tool that logs all actions of every user. This includes block placing and breaking, chat commands, logins and logouts and much more. Prism can be used to rollback some of these changes. The tool can also be used to consult the changes or data.

Prism commands begin with /pr but you can also use /prism.

There are two ways to view information. You can go the location and use /pr inspect or /pr i which will show logged information if you click on blocks. You can check air by placing a solid block at that location. The other way is to issue queries to Prism with commands.

The other main feature is the ability to rollback changes logged by Prism with /pr rollback. This command uses parameters to control the selection, time and other selection criteria to define what to roll back.

Parameter List:

  • a:[action] - See Action List.
  • r:[radius] - How many blocks around you.
  • r:global - This tells Prism not to use a radius and use the entire known region.
  • r:we - Uses a WorldEdit area. Requires WorldEdit permissions.
  • r:player:[radius] - Sets the area to the player's current location with radius.
  • r:x,y,z:[radius] - Sets the area to a location with radius.
  • r:world - No location but takes current world.
  • r:c - Limits to the current chunk you are in.
  • b:[blocknamke or id] - Such as b:grass or b:12
  • e:[entity] - Such as e:Pig or e:Creeper.
  • t:[timesince] - Events after x long ago. Like 1s(seconds), 20m(minutes), 1h(hour), 7d(days), 2w(weeks). No default. Use time arguments together if you wish, like 1h20m.
  • before:[time] - Events before x long ago.
  • since:[time] - Events after x long ago. Same as t:
  • p:[player] - Like p:viveleroi. No default.
  • w:[world] - Like w:worldname. Defaults to your current world.
  • k:[world] - Text-based keyword search (for commands/chat mainly)
  • id:[world] - A single record id.

Action List: (used for command paramater a:)

block-break, block-burn, block-fade, block-fall, block-form, block-place, block-shift, block-spread, block-use, bucket-fill, bonemeal-use, cake-eat, container-access, craft-item, creeper-explode, crop-trample, dragon-eat, enchant-item, enderman-pickup, enderman-place, entity-break, entity-dye, entity-explode, entity-follow, entity-kill, entity-shear, entity-spawnfireball, hangingitem-break, hangingitem-place, item-drop, item-insert, item-pickup, item-remove, lava-break, lava-bucket, lava-flow, lava-ignite, leaf-decay, lighter, lightning, mushroom-grow, player-chat, player-command, player-death, player-join, player-kill, player-quit, player-teleport, potion-splash, sheep-eat, sign-change, spawnegg-use, tnt-explode, tnt-prime, tree-grow, vehicle-break, vehicle-enter, vehicle-exit, vehicle-place, water-break, water-bucket, water-flow, world-edit, xp-pickup

Warning: If you are rolling back a player it is important to use a selector such as a location with a radius, and/or a time. If you simply do /rollback p:Legolas you would rollback every single change this user has ever made. It would be safer to do /pr rollback p:Legolas a:block-break block-place t:6h r:120 which will rollback all of Legolas' block and break changes of the last six hours in an area of 120 blocks around me.