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Optifine 2019-08-04

No permission to download
The version used is Optifine 1.12.2_HD_U_E3

Optifine gives better performance for people who run Minecraft and allows the use of shader packs. It is heavily recommended!

OptiFine 1.12.2_HD_U_E3
- fixed world memory leak (#1835)
- added native memory info in debug screen
- fixed out of memory crash with shaders
- fixed parsing of full CTM paths (#1700)
- fixed Dynamic Lights to correctly reset on enable/disable (#1680)
- compatible with Forge #2795

OptiFine 1.12.2_HD_U_E2
- optimized memory allocation
- optimized chunks loading, about 2x faster now
- extended Show FPS and debug screen to show minimum FPS
- fixed shield and bow model variants (#1516)
- fixed distant higher chunks disappearing in multiplayer (#1522)
- fixed crash with Voxelmap and Smart Animations (#1524)
- fixed shaders to correctly restore custom gbuffers textures after deferred programs
- fixed shader uniforms entityId and blockEntityId in shadow program
- fixed handling of relative paths for ZIP shader packs
- optimized rendering of item models with many predicates (#1500)
- compatible with Forge #2729

OptiFine 1.12.2_HD_U_E1
- fixed armor slots with player on fire and AA/AF enabled (#1495)
- fixed fire in first person with Smart Animations (#1487)
- fixed experience bar transparency (#1471)
- fixed emissive texture loading
- fixed crash in chunk visibility check (#1413)
- fixed entities on fire with AA/AF/SmartAnimations (#1415)
- fixed shaders custom textures in gbuffers_water (#1425)
- increased composite and deferred shader programs to 16
- added interpolate and frame skip to Custom Animations
- fixed sign text render distance to depend on screen resolution and FOV
- added system property "log.detail=<true|false>" for extended logging
- reduced logging when loading sprites (custom loader, sprite dependency)
- added CTM tile name <default>
- added option Smart Animations
- added dynamic lights for mods
- fixed disabled shader programs in dimension folder
- fixed OpenGL error when disabling Fast Render
- reorganized shader programs
- reorganized source packages
- compatible with Forge #2712

OptiFine 1.12.2_HD_U_D3
- fixed sampler binding for programs "gbuffers_beaconbeam", "gbuffers_item" and "gbuffers_armor_glint"
- fixed shaders uniform "isEyeInWater" to work in 3rd person view
- compatible with Forge #2691

OptiFine 1.12.2_HD_U_D2
- fixed horse random textures (#1357)
- added CEM support for bed and parrot (#1117)
- fixed crash with Galacticraft (#1366)
- fixed shaders projection matrix when underwater (#1344, #827)
- added option Show OpenGL Errors
- added support for geometry shaders ".gsh" (#1355)
- extended CIT to check for alternative shield models (#1169)
- added shaders uniform blendFunc (#884)
- fixed End loading bug (#1326)
- removed width and height limits for CTM method "repeat"
- fixed shaders uniform "depthtex1" in program "gbuffers_water"
- compatible with Forge #2673

OptiFine 1.12.2_HD_U_D1
- extended new version message to include link to optifine.net
- custom shader textures by location (resource pack, dynamic textures) (#1304)
- fixed compatibility with PortalGun mod
- fixed water fog density/color for Respiration > 3 (#1289)
- fixed chunk visibility culling for custom view entity (#1286)
- added shader profile tooltips
- fixed a very cool chunk loading bug (I Have Officially Broken Minecraft...)
- added shaders version check
- added shaders property "frustum.culling"
- fixed shaders camera position in shadow program
- added shaders option "separateAo"
- fixed water old lighting with shaders
- fixed shader uniform atlasSize in program gbuffers_hand
- added full macro processing for #if and #elif expressions
- fixed multi-pass CTM with missing intermediate textures (Halcyon Days)
- fixed loading of GitHub zipped shader packs with world folders
- optimized shaders shadow culling
- fixed shaders to work properly at high coordinate values (#1240)
- fixed flickering water bottom texture with AA/AF enabled
- extended shader configuration parsing to be affected by preprocessor conditional directives
- added option Render Regions
- optimized VBO rendering
- optimized visibility cullung
- optimized loading of visible chunks (F3+L)
- compatible with Forge #2627

OptiFine 1.12.2_HD_U_C9
- extended shaders to define custom block render layers (#1210)
- added CTM properties "randomLoops" and "innerSeams"
- added CTM methods "overlay_fixed", "overlay_random", "overlay_repeat" and "overlay_ctm" (#1145)
- added shaders configuration for beacon beam depth (#796)
- added shaders configuration for rain/snow depth (#532)
- added vector custom uniforms (#1155)
- added matrix access for custom uniforms (#1155)
- enable or disable programs depending on shader options
- added support for shaders in GitHub ZIP files
- added configurable buffer flip for composite programs (#1103)
- added variable resolution for composite programs (#1103)
- fixed option Portal Particles (#1146)
- added button Download Shaders, opens "Shader Packs" in a browser
- added commands "/reloadShaders" and "/reloadChunks"
- fixed Forge cloud renderer breaking cloud height and shader clouds (#1141)
- fixed normal maps for banner, horse and player models (1140)
- compatible with Forge #2615

OptiFine 1.12.2_HD_U_C8
- fixed shaders program fallback (sildurs enhanced redone)
- added alpha test and blend mode per shaders program
- updated shaders function "smooth" to use automatic ID
- optimized shader uniforms (cached location and last value per program)
- replaced Random Mobs with Random Entities, extended to support all entities and tile entities
- enabled shader uniforms "entityId" and "blockEntityId" for the shadow pass (#1075)
- extended CTM to check for named tile entities
- fixed crash when disabling shaders (Charset #165)
- limit shaders options tooltips to 8 lines
- added custom block render layers
- added custom loading screens per dimension
- fixed parrot on shoulder with random mobs and shaders
- compatible with Forge #2587

OptiFine 1.12.2_HD_U_C7
- fixed mob spawning rate (#1055)
- fixed underwater color with Forge
- extended shaders custom uniforms to access vector components
- fixed crash with Botania and CTM (#1037)
- fixed shader configuration parsing (vsh, comments)
- fixed crash with Chisel when AA/AF is enabled
- added Custom Sky options: biomes, heights and transition (#892)
- fixed Custom Sky resetting at time 6000 when rotation speed is not an integer (#804)
- removed render distance check for vanilla stars when custom sky layers are available
- added shaders options tooltips (#980)
- extended shaders configuration to re-enable program disabled in parent profile
- optimizaed memory allocation
- added custom shader uniforms (#924)
- fixed race conditions in chunk loading
- added CTM property "linked" for double plants and doors
- reset shadowmap configuration on shader pack reload
- fixed emissive textures loading, reloading and z-fighting on mob models
- added alternative Mooshroom mushroom model, uses "assets/minecraft/textures/entity/cow/mushroom_red.png"
- fixed crash when username contains ASCII 0 (#999)
- added option Emissive Textures, moved configuration to "assets/minecraft/optifine/emissive.properties"
- added emissive overlays for items, mobs and block entities
- extended Custom Colors with support for emissive texture overlays
- fixed missing void when VBO enabled and Y > 64
- relaxed shaders configuration syntax for DRAWBUFFERS, SHADOWRES, etc.
- fixed spider eyes z-fighting
- fixed shaders program gbuffers_spidereyes resetting the entity fog color
- added shaders programs deferred_last and composite_last to reset the flipped ping-pong buffers
- added entity parameters for CEM animations
- added boolean expressions for CEM animations
- added rain and thunder lightmaps (#963)
- added Random Mobs check by name (#620)
- added CTM property "heights" (#931)
- fixed Custom GUIs check by name (#955)
- added shaders block mapping for Forge mods
- added shaders program "gbuffers_hand_water" for handheld translucent objects
- fixed shaders option to skip framebuffer clear
- added deferred shader programs
- fixed CIT for custom potions
- fixed shaders normal/specular animations
- optimized chunk loading, speedup 2x
- increased maximum Render Distance to 64 chunks
- added Lazy Chunk Loading for multi-core CPUs
- optimized Load Visible Chunks (F3+L) to work faster
- optimized memory allocation
- compatible with Forge #2555

OptiFine 1.12.2_HD_U_C6
- fixed string width calculation for HD fonts
- fixed custom texture animations not working in main menu (#920)
- updated shaders, added custom noise texture
- added Custom GUIs
- fixed Load Visible Chunks (F3+L) to avoid conflict with Advancements
- optimized shader option parsing
- added shader macros for user options (FXAA, Normal Map, Specular Map, Render Quality, etc.)
- compatible with Forge #2493

OptiFine 1.12.2_HD_U_C5
- updated to 1.12.2

OptiFine 1.12.1_HD_U_C5
- compatible with Forge #2446

OptiFine 1.12_HD_U_C5
- updated shader options, added configurable screen columns
- added shader options value formatting (prefix and suffix)
- added support for local player models
- fixed Forge custom sprite loading with dependencies (Tinkers Construct)
- enabled shaders program "gbuffers_beaconbeam"
- fixed Smart Leaves not culling when decayable state is different
- fixed memory leak in cape download
- fixed shaders to load files only from the shader pack
- added font alpha blending
- fixed shader options crash on right click
- added custom underlava fog colors
- fixed Lagometer with Forge
- fixed Random Mobs to use entity UUID in multiplayer
- added Better Grass option "grass.multilayer"
- compatible with Forge #2424

OptiFine 1.12_HD_U_C4
- compatible with Forge #2387

OptiFine 1.12_HD_U_C3
- fixed CTM for observer power state
- fixed option Narrator not working
- fixed swamp water color when Swamp Colors is OFF
- fixed options to be saved in UTF-8 (MC-117449)
- fixed conflict with Emojiful
- added shader option sliders
- added shader texture formats R16F, RG16F, RGB16F, RGBA16F and RGB9_E5
- compatible with Forge #2331

OptiFine 1.12_HD_U_C2
- updated to 1.12
- compatible with Forge #2331

OptiFine 1.11.2_HD_U_C2
- fixed CTM, Custom Colors and Shaders block matching to better handle missing blocks
- added support for CIT models
- compatible with Forge #2311

OptiFine 1.11.2_HD_U_C1
- fixed compatibility with Forge key modifiers (#518)
- updated installer to use launchwrapper 1.12
- fixed Forge compatibility (ChunkCache.isSideSolid)
- updated CTM to allow overlays on non-full flocks (farmland, grass path)
- fixed CTM compact with translucent textures (stained glass)
- extended CIT NBT rules, values starting with "!" perform a negative match (#606)
- fixed crash with Forestry when Smart Trees (leaves) is enabled
- extended shaders uniform isEyeInWater, added value 2 when the camera is in lava
- added CEM support for husk, stray, wither skeleton, llama, mooshroom and zombie_villager
- compatible with Forge #2311

OptiFine 1.11.2_HD_U_B9
- fixed tall grass rendering in the End when mipmaps are enabled
- fixed item pickup animation using wrong shaders program
- fixed entity shadows using wrong shaders programs (spiders, players, enchanted items)
- added shaders compatible rendering for end portals
- fixed CEM for zombie_pigman
- compatible with Forge #2298

OptiFine 1.11.2_HD_U_B8
- fixed crash when Forge has mod dependency errors and skips the TextureMap loading (Forge #2273+)
- added shaders shadow optimization "shadowDistanceRenderMul" (#489)
- fixed shaders loading "block.properties" (#569)
- added shaders uniforms "nightVision", "blindness" and "screenBrightness"
- added shaders property "vignette"
- fixed enchanted items in hotbar when running with Forge and vignette is disabled (#487)
- added shader macro MC_VERSION
- fixed shaders off hand rendering when main hand has echanted item (#481)
- compatible with Forge #2294

OptiFine 1.11.2_HD_U_B7
- updated shaders: added gbuffers uniforms gaux1 to gaux4, only used as custom textures
- fixed Forge RenderHandEvent to work with shaders
- updated shaders: fixed depth of translucent handheld objects
- fixed CIT for elytra on armor stand
- updated shaders: added support for custom textures
- updated CustomItems: NBT integer as hex color, list size as "count", property "hand=any|main|off"
- updated CustomColors to reload banner textures
- updated GUI Scale: right click = previous value, Shift + click = reset
- fixed FontRender.charWidth causing crash with Forge #2223
- updated shader options: added non-numerical values "#define SHADOW_MODE HARD // [HARD SOFT REAL]"
- updated shader options: added user friendly values from resources
- updated shader options: right click = previous value, Shift + click = reset
- added F3+L to force loading of all visible chunks
- added CEM model for shulker_box
- added shader macros for OpenGL extensions
- added shader macros for OS, OpenGL version, GLSL version, GPU vendor and GPU renderer
- added shader uniform "worldDay"
- fixed shader uniform "worldTime" overflow for very old worlds
- extended GUI Scale to support 4K displays
- optimized resource loading
- optimized GUI lists to render only visible slots (resource pack list)
- fixed shaders to save options on ESC
- added support for "palette.format" from "color.properties"
- compatible with Forge #2227

OptiFine 1.11.2_HD_U_B6
- added fix for MC-98707
- fixed crash with Railcraft and AA/AF enabled
- fixed NPE in shaders when renderViewEntity is NULL
- fixed transparent hand with shaders when the world border is visible
- fixed CEM animation operator "%"
- added CEM for donkey, mule, skeleton_horse and zombie_horse
- fixed CEM for ender crystal
- added Custom Sky option "weather=clear|rain|thunder"
- fixed cloud color transitions
- fixed Custom Sky not visible for Render Distance below 8 chunks
- added support for animated normal and specular textures
- added shaders uniforms "frameCounter" and "frameTime"
- added shaders option to skip framebuffer texture clear
- fixed fog affecting the debug renderer
- fixed CEM models glowing with shaders (spider, enderman, dragon)
- compatible with Forge #2214

OptiFine 1.11.2_HD_U_B5
- fixed "nbsp" character to render as space
- updated to Minecraft 1.11.2

OptiFine 1.11_HD_U_B4
- fixed shaders bug: centerDepthSmooth not working when gaux4 is active
- fixed CEM custom texture overriding TileEntity destroy overlay
- fixed CEM model scale
- fixed minecart CEM model
- fixed render distance Extreme in The End
- reorganized reflection support
- compatible with Forge #2188

OptiFine 1.11_HD_U_B3
- added CEM models for evoker, evoker fangs, vex and vindicator
- fixed ambient sounds not playing (vanilla bug MC-91803)
- added negative biome check ("biomes=!Biome1 Biome2 ..." - all biomes except the given ones)
- fixed shaders using upPosition from previous frame
- added block ID mapping for shaders
- updated documentation
- updated Custom Items to recognize enchantment names
- fixed CEM for ender dragon and enderman
- updated shaders to use "gbuffers_armor_glint" for enchanted handheld and dropped items
- fixed option Screenshot Size to keep the relative size of toolbar and menus
- compatible with Forge #2188

OptiFine 1.11_HD_U_B2
- fixed crash when loading tile entities (flower pot)
- fixed option Screenshot Size to keep the relative size of toolbar and menus
- added warning for non-lowercase resource files
- fixed custom potion textures
- fixed custom potion colors
- added option Screenshot Size (1x to 4x)
- fixed support for v2 resource packs
- compatible with Forge #2157

OptiFine 1.11_HD_U_B1
- fixed invisible entities in multiplayer
- fixed crash with ExtraUtilities2 (broken EnderLilly model)
- updated entity handling to reflect the Forge rewrite of the entity registry
- updated MCP mappings
- reorganized options, moved Dynamic Lights and Dynamic FOV to Video Settings
- updated to Minecraft 1.11
- compatible with Forge #2157