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Phe's Gondor 64x64 2.3

Gondor, but higher res!

  1. pheonixsang
    Textures taken from MCME's original packs, my own 128x128 packs, and some airbrushing in GIMP.

    Some textures might be buggy, if so let me know and I'll fix them. I'm currently trying to fix the Iron Bars texture so don't go spamming that it needs fixing ;)


    Changes from 2.2:
    Corrected hue of Jungle roofing from red to gray.
    Animated torches!
    Fixed beds
    Fixed water hue
    Fixed all stone hue's
    Added apples in Big_Oak leaves
    Textured Podzol from 16x16 to 64x64 (the unseen block is the enemy!)

    All credits go to MCME for the original packs, myself for the custom block textures I created, and LB Photorealism/Misa's Realism for textures reused from my 128x128 packs