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Public Infraction Register, Ban List

A list comprising of banned players and players issued with the Oathbreaker Rank

  1. q220

    Public Infraction Register

    The Public Infraction Register is a public accessible form that lists current players that have received a particular infraction on Minecraft Middle-Earth. The form provides information to players to assist them on referring to any Punishment issued to a player in the past, that players are currently holding or any punishments issued that are conclusive i.e Permanent Banned

    The record will specify on each row the following;
    • Date - the date the Infraction was recorded
    • In-game name - name of player on record
    • Infraction - Infraction Criteria of which the player was recorded for
    • Level of Infraction - the level of punishment the player has received
    • Assigned Destination - Server Location (Build Server) assigned to the player that they must complete (Only applicable to players with Oathbreaker)
    • Warped to Spawn - indicates with 'yes' or 'no' if the player has been teleported spawn by an Enforcer or they have warped to spawn to begin their destination begin there Assigned Destination (Only applicable to players with Oathbreaker)
    • Destination Reached - indicates if the the player has reached their Assigned Destination (Only applicable to players with Oathbreaker)
    Note that any terms listed above can be referred to in the New Player Guide.

    Enforcers and the Head Enforcer are the primary body of personnel to handle and resolve Ban Appeals, Oathbreakers and any other Infraction queries. If you have an enquiry regarding a matter such as an Infractions issued (Ban, Oathbreaker), please refer to the appropriate mediums on the forums or the New Player Guide for more information.

Recent Reviews

  1. Lady_of_Rohan
    Now I don't need to poke an Enforcer every time an Oathbreaker asks why they're OB. Yay.