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The Ranks Document is a google doc spreadsheet linked with the api to keep up to date with every new staff member, guide and artist.
It is also kept up to date manually with every application and all the ex-staff have been added in manually too.
Any errors or people missing, feel free to say as I would love this document to become more accurate and complete.
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Forgot to update my name (RubenPieterMark>P1eter) and Jetfire's name, and iSMITHZ changed his name to MrSmithz so he can be removed from the artist list.
So many people, so little reunions, so many misses
I thought Shenjtor used to be a Ranger, am I wrong? Also, Cef's username in the list of ex guides is missing the 4.
Good spot! Fixed ^^
Did Jord resign from bounder, or is that a mistake?
He resigned.
Me sees me name on it! Me likes dis doc! Dis doc likes me!
Pretty good.

Just one things.
In the "key" in the top left corner (Rank: , Currently That Rank: , . . .) in the Ex-Ranked section, it says "Currently That Rank" instead of "Previously This Rank"..
Thank you!
Nice spot so thanks for telling me~ Should now be fixed. c:
It says ex-staff in the overview, however I only see current staff on the list. Is that going to be added in later?
At the bottom on the spreadsheet you should see two tabs, one saying Current Staff, the other Ex-Staff. These are different spreadsheet sheets. If you click the other sheet you will be able to see the ex staff list c:
Why does the list of Bounders show up as #REf?
You may need to refresh the document.
It currently pulls the current staff info from the api/perms document.
This can cause it to bug out and not always show up. It can also take a little while to update, but within most instances it is more reliable and up to date than manually adding in the data.