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Rohan Pack December 17, 2016

Rohan Resource Pack

  1. Updated version string

    This only updates the version string on the website.
  2. Newhost

  3. New host location

    New host location
  4. Block model update

    Updated the block models for Ironfence to correspond to how they looked like pre 1.10
  5. Added textures

    Added reskinned sand
  6. New door and banner textures

    Added new door textures.
    Added banner textures.
  7. New textures

    • Added Dark Gray Stone from Eriador,Gondor,Lothlórien on Cyan Stained
    • Clay.
    • Added Acacia log from Gondor.
    • Added Jungle log from Eriador replacing texture identical to Oak log.
    • Overwrote melon (which was textured as pumpkin) with melon textures as
    • in other packs.
    • Added pumpkin textures on pumpkin and jack o' lantern replacing skulls
    • texture used in Dead Marshes.
    • Added cabbage/salad texture from Gondor on red mushroom replacing
    • white mushroom...
  8. Update download location

    Due to migration, changed location.
  9. Update

    • hardened_clay_stained - Update
    • Coal - Update
    • Podzol - Update
    • Packed Ice - Update
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  10. Small updates

    • RP icon - New Design
    • Options Menu - New background
    • Bedrock - New texture
    • Cake - New texture
    • Activator rail On/Off - Footprints