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  1. Ardelenia

    Concern over a Ship

    The little boats are indeed supposed to be tug boats. I added them because the ship is going upriver and there is another boat, a little down, sailing south on a broad reach. So the ship couldn't be sailing into Arassalath and needed external propulsion. Ships would use small boats (which they...
  2. Ardelenia

    Guidebook Plugin Manual

    The use would be (wait for it...) listing where all the guidebooks are! But I probably have very few fellow non-guides who would like to see that, so it's not a priority to update the plugin.
  3. Ardelenia

    Guidebook Plugin Manual

    would it be possible to make /guidebook list accessible?
  4. Ardelenia

    Thank you jon. I'm glad people still care about the forums!

    Thank you jon. I'm glad people still care about the forums!
  5. Ardelenia

    Thanks. I wouldn't be surprised though - in China I met a guy who took Silence as his "English...

    Thanks. I wouldn't be surprised though - in China I met a guy who took Silence as his "English Name."
  6. Ardelenia

    LOL That Droog Said...

    oi it was for scientific purposes, an experiement
  7. Ardelenia

    Bag End's Mantle

    After rereading "A Long-expected Party," I have come to the conclusion that the Ring should be removed from above the mantle of Bag End. Certain people BWOT were afraid that changing anything in Bag End would provoke ire, so I will present my reasoning here with MLA citations. Please contact me...
  8. Ardelenia

    The Six Dragons Summer Events: The Hunt for Durin's Axe

    Are there fake answers again or have you felt some mercy towards us, your playthings?
  9. Ardelenia

    [Official] MCME Derp Report Thread

    4437 26 3819 needs piston tables
  10. Ardelenia

    [Official] MCME Derp Report Thread

    1521 20 5152 (stream NW of Aelhroth) source cave for stream looks unfinished - at the very least it should probably be filled with water?
  11. Ardelenia


    Don't forget to make the ocean floor match up between worldpainter and worldmachine terrain! It's not mentioned as a to-do item in the project post up there. (@Shipcommander pointed this out but doesn't have a forum account.)
  12. Ardelenia

    Commoners: A Free Nation

    Sorry why am I on this petiton/declaration of revolution/whatever it is? I thought I made it clear to @EmperorCatholic last night that I am an outside neutral observer like Switzerland.
  13. Ardelenia

    [Official] MCME Derp Report Thread

    Aglarond Derps (unless for some awful reason these are supposed to be here): diorite 1017 88 1638 snow 1020 87 1623 diorite 1046 101 1566 snow 1425 175 1730 snow below 1434 _ 1780 (reflection, couldn't get coords) snow 1716 137 2051 snow below 1742 _ 1918 (reflection) water missing 1016 28 1602...
  14. Ardelenia

    LOL That Droog Said...

    Aw thanks jord :oops:
  15. Ardelenia

    Food Production of Dwarf Kingdoms

    I am sure we had this discussion before, near or before the start of moria. Weren't the textures for blue stained glass and green terra-cotta supposed to be something like lenses and mirrors, with the purpose of providing sunlight for farms? Of course, that would only be logical near the top of...
  16. Ardelenia

    ~The MCME Times~ #17/17 - New Moria Pack Released

    So, did that morph into Queen Beruthiel in a later legendarium, or were they both just instances of Tolkien hating on cats?
  17. Ardelenia

    Servers out of date

    Open the minecraft launcher. Click launch options. Click the add new bar. Change version to 1.11. Save. Click news. Click the small up arrow next to play. Click the version you want. Click play.
  18. Ardelenia

    Going Away Thread

    Date Leaving: June 11th Date Returning: Between August 22nd and August 27th Reason: Working at a summer camp, will have internet access but no minecraft.
  19. Ardelenia

    Hello, I'm here to deliver a tasteful fruit basket.

    Hello, I'm here to deliver a tasteful fruit basket.