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  1. Cwshugg

    Suri-Kyla - The Capital of Forochel

    Hey everyone! -I have been on the server for only a few days. -My current rank is Adventurer, although I hope to become an artist in the future. -I've talked to a couple of people in-game about plans to build in Forochel. -I haven't been part of any projects before unfortunately. -This project...
  2. Cwshugg

    Civilization in Forochel

    Hey there, thanks for the response. You are right, I'll get rid of this post and put it under project applications. I'll also use the correct format. The tents aren't quite up to par yet, but I will take a screenshot of them ASAP.
  3. Cwshugg

    Civilization in Forochel

    Another note, I probably should have put this in project applications, but I didn't due to it not being on the "available projects" list.
  4. Cwshugg

    Civilization in Forochel

    Please disregard this - this is an old thread that was moved here - please look at the other thread: "Suri-Kyla, the Capital of Forochel."