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  1. dags_

    Ignorance is bliss

    Ignorance is bliss
  2. dags_

    dat sheep

    dat sheep
  3. dags_

    Staff AMA (Valar)

    It does. Thanks! For the future, maybe you could try print out and hold the below over my avatar when reading my posts - you might be less inclined to try read such negative things from innocuous questions ;P Final question if there's time: @Ryanturambar What is the best movie?
  4. dags_

    Staff AMA (Valar)

    That's cool, but I literally just asked about the "drastic changes" suggested in this thread? :S On 'workflow', this is what q wrote: (Not sure where you picked up on "poor performance" or things "sucking") edit: @q220
  5. dags_

    Staff AMA (Valar)

    ...k den. Favourite colour?
  6. dags_

    Staff AMA (Valar)

    What was the outcome of this, and what became of the 'investigation' into improving work-flow that q mentions in the OP?
  7. dags_


    Your account is not premium (not paid-for). If you think that you bought it from Mojang, then you need to contact the support at Mojang. If you didn't buy it from Mojang (or via an official pre-paid gift-card), then you have probably been scammed and will need to buy an account from an official...
  8. dags_


    You sure?
  9. dags_

    Adventures and Stories

  10. dags_

    Mojang is apparently banning certain donation perks on servers

    The eula doesn't really target any specific scenarios, so yes it applies. The parts of it being talked about are aimed at preventing people selling content that Mojang have made (items, mechanics, etc), which is exactly what 'donation' perks are. This isn't a new 'thing' really, they just...
  11. dags_


    Sorry, I wasn't clear: It is a site where you can click on the bits and download the things that install the stuff better than the one that you went on to click on the baps and press the bips that downloaded the boop that didn't install the bop that you wanted. (Don't use
  12. dags_


  13. dags_

    Valar demotion

    Automated white-listing Cross-server white/ban-list syncing Bounder pages Pvp stats (of old) Community wiki MCMEModpack/MAtmosMCME Hosting Github-itised resourcepacks (made it possible for community contributions) Automated resourcepack building Automated plugin building Plugin Stuff...
  14. dags_

    New management structure, auditing and improved workflow

    This is what I'm assuming too. This is the sort of thing that I was querying with: "What happens if this person is inactive or fails to fulfil their role - another audit maybe? :p" I'm not saying that there's an easy answer, but it is a potential short-coming, and one that we've suffered by...
  15. dags_

    New management structure, auditing and improved workflow

    I was summarising/paraphrasing. I feel the point in the question is still valid, regardless of whether you agree with the wording of the premise. This is quite vague, are you referring internally within the admin/moderator forums, or to discussions like this one also? Yeah I got that. The...
  16. dags_

    New management structure, auditing and improved workflow

    To play devil's advocate somewhat: You highlighted administrative bureaucracy as getting in the way of the development of projects etc. How do you feel the introduction of further administrative measures would alleviate this? Who would have to sort through these reports and decide what is...
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  18. dags_
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    MCME Memes

    Forums Crash