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  • Minecraft Middle Earth is a Minecraft community that recreates the world described by JRR Tolkien and his writings. Everyone can participate in organized events in which we collaborate to create major landmarks, terrain, caves, castles, towns, farms and more.

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  1. Arkengard

    New Era of Moderation

    Basically we’ve just deemed it inefficient to have a whole rank dedicated to punishing players who are unwise to the rules. Indeed that isn’t to say the job isn’t needed, but the purpose of those with that job could be much better served contributing more to the community and server in other...
  2. Arkengard

    MCME Winter Events 2018

    ADDITIONAL INFORMATION TO THE ADDITIONAL NOTE: The Screenshot was in fact taken by @barteldvn and for that I thank you kindly! The overlay was done by @TotiGonzales. Sorry for the confusion!
  3. Arkengard

    MCME Winter Events 2018

    ADDITIONALLY: Information for the Yuletide Debacle and Winter Tales of Middle-Earth will come out in the near future and last throughout the duration of the Winter Events!!! Also thank you @TotiGonzales for our lovely Snowy Rivendell screenshot! If you haven't already - /warp Rivendell
  4. Arkengard

    MCME Winter Events 2018

    MCME Winter Events December 15th-30th Alright Ark, what's the plan? Well, random MCMEer, I'll tell you! Basically we're running some classic events for the server over the next half month. This is generally a time of holiday and break so the Guide Team is taking full advantage of that to give...
  5. Arkengard

    MCME Year in Review 2018 Memory Submission

    Contemplating Human EmotionJudge, Jury, and Executioner
  6. Arkengard

    MCME Year in Review 2018 Memory Submission

    Skin Contest Awards Ceremony AfterpartyGuidebook Workshop The Guide MachineEpic Hide and Seek Game in the Desert
  7. Arkengard

    Accepted QuantaCube Minigame badge application

    Good day Quanta, It is the unanimous decision of the Guide Team to give you access to Minigames on the server. If you have any questions about how to run minigames, I recommend asking the current Guides or checking the manual here: Minigames Manual Thank you for applying and we hope to see...
  8. Arkengard

    Badge Update

    Badge Update Mini Game/Guidebook Mini Games Badge: The Mini Games Badge is getting an update! You may have noticed that over the past month on MCME, the activity of the Guides has seriously decreased. Certainly new players haven't seen much Cyan on the server lately. This is entirely...
  9. Arkengard

    Cheers Gadget :)

    Cheers Gadget :)
  10. Arkengard

    Yes! Thank you Raff! :D

    Yes! Thank you Raff! :D
  11. Arkengard

    Lost Children of MCME

    I think this is an idea with good intention but could be done better with a list of set answer choices... The internet is no place for one who doesn’t expect to hear strong opinions, comedians, and misinformation unfortunately. Don’t be upset, your idea is appreciated :)
  12. Arkengard

    You’re old.

    You’re old.
  13. Arkengard

    Rank Update

    Something we will surely look into. Reminds me of once long ago that I seriously asked Q to create a rank called “Poop Sweeper” (essentially) who goes around and fixes derps around the map...
  14. Arkengard

    Funny Pics and Vids

    New job chair?
  15. Arkengard

    Rank Update

    As for this, super and Lizzy were they but we strongly discourage filling gaps for the sake of filling gaps. As for the enforcer assistant, currently dyno is perfectly capable of managing the enforcer team by himself and doesn’t need that role
  16. Arkengard

    Rank Update

    As I said in my forums post, they each are representative and responsible for a unique role on the server. That said, their similarities lie in how their roles revolve around managing communal functions (generally speaking). As eriol said, these are just the jobs of the current assistants and...
  17. Arkengard

    Actual meeting place?

    We may very well get this in the near future :) look out for forum announcements!
  18. Arkengard

    Rank Update

    Rank Update Assistant/Lead Builder Merger What? Another Rank Change??? That's right! The Valar held a meeting (Sunday, November 11th) wherein we discussed several topics. One of these topics was the current state of the Assistant and Lead Builder Ranks. As you all know, the ranks caused quite...
  19. Arkengard

    Bourbons or Custard Creams?

  20. Arkengard

    Slow's guide app

    Thank you for applying for the position of Guide. We will discuss the next steps in your application process and get back to you shortly with our decision.