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  1. Ardelenia

    New Crop Textures

    Wow I was super not seriously suggesting it but thanks anyway! They are truly my favorite vegetable just as you are my favorite texturer. :D :O :) <3
  2. Ardelenia

    New Crop Textures

    If we have potatoes and tomatoes (and maybe tobacco), why not other New World crops (i.e. maize) as well? Also having that one corn field by Farmer Maggot's house is essential for recreating that one scene in the movie. @Fireinferno13 parsnips are my favorite vegetable, can I have a texture...
  3. Ardelenia

    In Progress Mordor: Udun

    Thank you for that quote. But there are certainly many other piles of slag alternating with deep pits, with mud and noxious gases in the bottom, which we hear about in The Black Gate is Closed. I guess that might be what BWOT labeled "the desolation." Is it just that these two hills are...
  4. Ardelenia

    In Progress Mordor: Udun

    Are you talking about the elevation or the mood? Do I correctly interpret the two slag hills in your lovely drawing as representative, and not the only two? Also @Eriol_Eandur I'm with you all the way, I also have an old edition that still says three gates.
  5. Ardelenia

    In Progress The Mordor Resource Pack

    Could you explain or link an explanation of what this light vs dark version is? Thanks. Also how can I change the in-flight entertainment away from the Moria channel?
  6. Ardelenia

    New Era of Moderation

    I wouldn't know given how little time I spend online :P I'm going by the Public Infraction Register, which admittedly has few entries for the past few months. Almost all the bans in the first half of the year were of unknown people, with many explicitly labelled spamming chat.
  7. Ardelenia

    New Era of Moderation

    With regard to TOS revisions: Have you considered including "ok and not ok" examples for certain hard-to-interpret elements of the rules? Namely in the Communication section. I myself don't know if this would be beneficial, but I encourage you to give it thought if you haven't already. This...
  8. Ardelenia

    Interior decoration models and blocks/textures ideas for the Mordor RP

    Some people grow wheat and corn but in Mordor they grow weapons. (Really sucks for the blacksmiths though.)
  9. Ardelenia

    Rank Update

    Tempting, but not with a name like that.
  10. Ardelenia

    Concern over a Ship

    The little boats are indeed supposed to be tug boats. I added them because the ship is going upriver and there is another boat, a little down, sailing south on a broad reach. So the ship couldn't be sailing into Arassalath and needed external propulsion. Ships would use small boats (which they...
  11. Ardelenia

    Guidebook Plugin Manual

    The use would be (wait for it...) listing where all the guidebooks are! But I probably have very few fellow non-guides who would like to see that, so it's not a priority to update the plugin.
  12. Ardelenia

    Guidebook Plugin Manual

    would it be possible to make /guidebook list accessible?
  13. Ardelenia

    Thank you jon. I'm glad people still care about the forums!

    Thank you jon. I'm glad people still care about the forums!
  14. Ardelenia

    Thanks. I wouldn't be surprised though - in China I met a guy who took Silence as his "English...

    Thanks. I wouldn't be surprised though - in China I met a guy who took Silence as his "English Name."
  15. Ardelenia

    LOL That Droog Said...

    oi it was for scientific purposes, an experiement
  16. Ardelenia

    Bag End's Mantle

    After rereading "A Long-expected Party," I have come to the conclusion that the Ring should be removed from above the mantle of Bag End. Certain people BWOT were afraid that changing anything in Bag End would provoke ire, so I will present my reasoning here with MLA citations. Please contact me...
  17. Ardelenia

    The Six Dragons Summer Events: The Hunt for Durin's Axe

    Are there fake answers again or have you felt some mercy towards us, your playthings?
  18. Ardelenia

    [Official] MCME Derp Report Thread

    4437 26 3819 needs piston tables
  19. Ardelenia

    [Official] MCME Derp Report Thread

    1521 20 5152 (stream NW of Aelhroth) source cave for stream looks unfinished - at the very least it should probably be filled with water?