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  1. ooitsbirdo

    RVB_Legend's Limited FAWE badge application

    As you are artist and you will require the basic WE skills i will be approving this application.
  2. ooitsbirdo

    Watchlist FoolhardyFish's Artist Application

    Can i just say a few words, your ruins look nice first of all, plenty of detail. But your last theme build look amazing very well done.
  3. ooitsbirdo

    This Forum is now OPEN

  4. ooitsbirdo

    In Progress Emperor's Artist Application

    Ello there, I really like your moria work, it is clearly a style that you are pretty much got covered by the looks of it. Your tombs from the build day are great and the moria hall you have posted looks great as well. Well done. However your Mordor concept is very plane, and has not much too it...
  5. ooitsbirdo

    Accepted Vol's Limited FAWE Application

    Well limited WE doesnt need it really and it puts people off, its not that harf to use copy and paste command, as well as rotate. Saying that i approve this badge as volcrast does require the badge and it trusted to use it @BWOT
  6. ooitsbirdo

    The Great Mines of Moria

    Perfect for buildday
  7. ooitsbirdo

    Accepted Milarwen's FAWE Badge Application

    You know i cant give the badge on the server cause i dont have the commands , but yeahh mil can definitely have the limited WE @BWOT
  8. ooitsbirdo

    Accepted WE+ badge application: Jonatanknalle

    Yeahh give badge @BWOT
  9. ooitsbirdo

    In Progress Cleverboi’s Artist Application

    Ello there, Could you please follow the correct format, and post screenshot of your themebuild.
  10. ooitsbirdo

    An Improvement to MCME's Projects

    you should have mention that to me then so i could do that
  11. ooitsbirdo

    #01/19 - Dead Marshes

    Themed Build [Concept] Themed Builds run weekly, starting on Sunday, and last one week until the next one starts. (started a bit early, sorry) Dead Marshes Reference: [Tolkiengateway] Resourcepack: Gondor To change to Gondor resource pack with server textures enabled, use /rp g. Themed...
  12. ooitsbirdo

    In Progress Artist application from Desiemer

    Is he artist yet
  13. ooitsbirdo

    An Improvement to MCME's Projects

    You should probably mention that to designers sometimes
  14. ooitsbirdo

    An Improvement to MCME's Projects

    cool story bro
  15. ooitsbirdo

    Accepted RVB_Legend artist application

    Which arent being done due to them now being updated??
  16. ooitsbirdo

    Accepted RVB_Legend artist application

    Great guy, worked really in the build day would like to see as artist. Also very funny and sounds like Q. @Oberanio go die, love you
  17. ooitsbirdo

    About that Minas Morgul

    @Hearthseeker hi how are you today
  18. ooitsbirdo


    i think its ment to be Pc minecraft
  19. ooitsbirdo

    MCME Year in Review 2018 Memory Submission

    Np, anytime you need it we will be there
  20. ooitsbirdo

    MCME Year in Review 2018 Memory Submission

    You still cant do that and you have been here longer cuck