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  1. TotiGonzales

    So... did a whoopsie ... :p. I started working as a freelancer outside my full-time job and...

    So... did a whoopsie ... :p. I started working as a freelancer outside my full-time job and outside MCME this week and due to a pretty solid portfolio, partially containing some of my MCME work, I got a bunch of commissions. Downside, I might have claimed too many. That will result in me being...
  2. TotiGonzales

    [Official] MCME Derp Report Thread

    Could you provide a picture with coordinates? :D
  3. TotiGonzales

    Cobweb Texture & Shelob's Lair

    How about horizontal and diagonal webs that go from wall to wall? Like in the reference picture.
  4. TotiGonzales

    In Progress Scoobybri (artist application)

    I would advise to update your app with pictures of them.
  5. TotiGonzales

    Accepted TeamPalladian

    Excited to see you join the team! :D
  6. TotiGonzales

    Cobweb Texture & Shelob's Lair

    The resolution is perfect imo. I like the tint and I like the look. Keep it up!
  7. TotiGonzales

    Cobweb Texture & Shelob's Lair

    I mean... theoretically we could do some slowness effect stuff. Idk if @Eriol_Eandur ever looked into stuff like this but I've seen people assign potion effects to the player based on what block they stand on. Maybe that also works when for standing in a block.
  8. TotiGonzales

    Cobweb Texture & Shelob's Lair

    If it's going to be on the ceiling no1 will notice if it's sticky or not. And perhaps when we use it closer to the ground where people would walk through it we could mix it in with the real cobweb blockstates.
  9. TotiGonzales

    In Progress Rhrim_

    For me it says "could not load post"
  10. TotiGonzales

    In Progress Rhrim_

    Your themed builds imgur link is broken.
  11. TotiGonzales

    Cobweb Texture & Shelob's Lair

    I think there is the possibility of putting only the "wall corner dense" on the actual cobweb blockstate and the rest on and using other blockstates you can walk through (maybe fire?) for the rest.
  12. TotiGonzales

    In Progress **Dol Amroth**

    Announcements January 27th, 2019: *Good progress, hiring artists (not paying). Current Tasks Left (Overall): - Sewers: @TotiGonzales - Royal Docks: @QuantaCube This is top priority on our server!!! If you cannot complete your task, (1) contact me or @dav3ck, (2) delegate it to someone else...
  13. TotiGonzales

    We open the Staff Meeting to the public?!

    Yeah you heard that right! In order to increase transparency we decided to open part of the staff meeting to the public. The date is the 27th of January (this Sunday) The time: 7pm GMT Nonstaff members will be able to listen in but the discussion will be reserved to staff members only. If...
  14. TotiGonzales

    New Crop Textures

    Just do a version where the texture for the pole is on the side and I can take it from there :D
  15. TotiGonzales

    New Crop Textures

    Could probably make bean plants 2 blocks high.
  16. TotiGonzales

    New Crop Textures

    Fire i love the textures! Only one concern: the fully grown tomatoes texture has a couple leaves that get cut of by the edge of the texture. Could u maybe look into removing those leaves or changing the texture a bit so there wouldn't be a visible edge? Thx for the help and keep up the good work!
  17. TotiGonzales

    An Improvement to MCME's Projects

    @RubenPieterMark I don't think anyone is keeping you from writing 3 or 5 realism guides and becoming a realism master in everyones eyes. I mean if you want more influence you can rly just achieve it by showing you have that kind of knowledge. If you ask me I would rather take into consideratio...
  18. TotiGonzales

    In Progress Artist application from Desiemer

    We do have the Free Build world on the server where you can build, as you said, freely. To get there try /mvtp freebuild or look at the map (/helper map) for a warp near a free spot in that world. Please don't build within a 50 block radius of someone else's area as the enforcers will be forced...
  19. TotiGonzales

    MCME Public Meeting - January 5th

    MCME Public Meeting January 5th 2019, 7:00 PM GMT Everyone! It's time to discuss your issues and concerns again. Now we'll, of course, update you all on our ongoing projects and what you can expect in 2019 but I've been hearing lots of things lately and I feel like there is a need to...