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    Funny Pics and Vids

    r u the real snipars or just imposter? fukn illuminarty
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    Game Piracy

    Steam Early Access really should force developers to do 2 things: 1) Pick a deadline. Give them any date up to maybe 1 year from release to have it marketed as "early access". 2) release at least 1 update per month. If they don't release content/bug updates within that frequency, fine them...
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    Internet Browser

    This is a good table (I think I linked it in the last thread also), it shows the browser 'market share' per month. http://www.w3schools.com/browsers/browsers_stats.asp If you look at the results and then imagine how they would be for the 'young' age groups that populate this server, you can...
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    A Whole New Music Thread

    This is a hardcore track that I've been listening to while weight training. Really gets me pumped to pump iron.
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    Desktop pics thread!

    I'm currently switching between these 2 every 6 hours: (First is an Idris from Star Citizen, second is concept art of a settlement on the planet Goss II in Star Citizen) And I'm going to put this in the set once I get the text on the bottom right edited out:
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    Movies, Shows, and Trailers

    I've seen probably 75% or more of the Godzilla movies and other "godzilla-esque" movies that have come out, and yea, a lot of them have been bad. Some of them are "so bad it's good" type films. I'm still looking forward to this one though, it's the first "blockbuster" Godzilla movie that has...
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    Movies, Shows, and Trailers

    It seems slightly out of place audio-wise (doesn't match the trailer too well) but if you think about what it represents, they are kind of the same thing. In 2001: A Space Odyssey the monolith was supernatural, even godlike and no characters knew much about it. In the part of the trailer that it...