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  1. aeroblitz

    About that Commoner

    I would really prefer not to spend hours bugging people for votes for a rank just to go to the freebuild museum/staff hall thing someone else mentioned to be nostalgic about my time here, especially after thaving been on the staff all way back at the beginning in 2010. <.<
  2. aeroblitz

    About that Commoner

    Wow, what's up guys. Came around checking new stuff out after chatting with Antecedence recently, only to find my Commoner is gone, can I go ahead and get that back? I see poking around that the title was removed/re-added at some point, which wiped it? Map looks great nowadays, quite a...
  3. aeroblitz


  4. aeroblitz

    Upcoming encryption for the website

    Any updates? https://i.imgur.com/iFxMMhY.png
  5. aeroblitz


  6. aeroblitz

    Someone who can access the MCME Twitter Account

    That's what I thought, but what I hoped was not the case. This is the kind of s--- that got me to leave in the first place. E: Oh right I probably shouldn't swear because oh my god it's an internet forum.
  7. aeroblitz

    Someone who can access the MCME Twitter Account

    Hey, so I noticed in my personal Twitter account's settings that this appears for the built-in Facebook connection stuff. I have no idea why this is the case since I haven't had access to the MCME Twitter in years, but if you could look into that from that account that'd be nice. I assume it...
  8. aeroblitz

    MCME Reunion LAN party

    2010 fam best fam. If you you don't remember using cuboid and hMod no ty plox. Can I have my back promotion to King if I show up?
  9. aeroblitz

    Minecraft Name Changes are Live

    Aeroblitz has become aeroblitz. Pretty awesome I know.
  10. aeroblitz


  11. aeroblitz

    Likes Divided By Messages

    Mine is only 2.5 :(
  12. aeroblitz

    Movies, Shows, and Trailers

    @JordD04 This is clearly the best parody of the trailer ever:
  13. aeroblitz

    Every Day Carry

    I'm too lazy to take pictures, so instead I will just write it out or link the products online. Motorola Droid Maxx Victorinox Pioneer Knife Amazon Kindle Whatever pair of headphones I grab first Wallet full of all the usual stuff During the school year I also bring a Rotring Rapid Pro pen...
  14. aeroblitz

    This will be a not ghost alert.

    This will be a not ghost alert.
  15. aeroblitz


  16. aeroblitz


  17. aeroblitz

    Major League Baseball

  18. aeroblitz

    MCME Awards Ceremony 2014 [Two Trees]

    Well, you could also just use text instead of images if you just added more fonts to the forums. Oh.
  19. aeroblitz

    MCME Nostalgia Thread

    Back when things ran well.
  20. aeroblitz

    Game Of Thrones TV Series (No Book spoilers plz)

    Someone did put the audio over :p