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application for artist

  1. Thanx4Loot

    Accepted Thanx4Loot Artist Application

    Date: 7/26/2019 I know, I'm new D: Jobs and Plotbuilds: Osgiliath Vegetation Job. Themed-builds: Did the Annuminas Ruined build yesterday, 7/26/19. Album here: Annuminas Ruined Theme Build (9235, 37, 40443). It's a section of ruined city on the river, no walls because it's Annuminas...
  2. Clever

    Canceled Cleverboi’s Artist Application

    Hello, My name is Clever previously littlebluepengin. I Participated in 1 theme build (deadmarshes) and believe that I would be a good pick for an Artist position. I have owned Minecraft for 5 years and have a lot of experience when it comes to building. My particular talent is red stone and...
  3. D

    Canceled Artist application from Desiemer

    Date: I don't remember when I first joined the server but I believe I have been occasionaly walking around and awing at the builds for at least a year, I have only become active in jobs the last week. Jobs and Plotbuilds: I have not done a lot on the server (yet). I helped oberanio decorating...
  4. Marco_Playzzz

    Canceled Marco_Playzzz's Artist Application

    MC Username: Marco_Playzzz (was called MarcoDrummerBoy1 when I joined) The date I joined: Late August 2018 Jobs and Plotbuilds: Vegetating Osgo houses with Oberanio (trial job), Rohan Village walls with Thomasd19, Destroying DA interiors with Barteldvn, Vineyards, fields, river terraining, and...
  5. I

    Canceled Artist

    Hello, my name is Ivo Casant I'm from The Netherlands and I'm 17 years old. Why do I want to do this job application? Because I've seen a video made by Keralis and he walked true almost the whole Lord Of The Rings map with some of the staff. And it revealt the greatness inside of that server...