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artist application

  1. Crumbled Helm's Deep 2

    Crumbled Helm's Deep 2

  2. Crumbled Helm's Deep

    Crumbled Helm's Deep

  3. FlatBoulders

    Cancelled UPDATE: FlatBoulders Application for Artist Rank

    While I'm not expecting to be an artist first time, but I want to show my dedication to the server and get feedback on my builds to improve. Anyway: I joined about two weeks ago and I have participated in multiple teamed jobs, mainly building and filling out roads and rivers (here and here). I...
  4. TyGl20

    In Progress TyGl20 Artist Application

    Date: April 8, 2019 Jobs and Plotbuilds: Many sewer jobs in Dol Amroth, A few Moria house interiors, road detailing in Gondor, multiple vegetation on houses in Osgiliath. Themed-builds: Anorien, Lake Town, Bree, Orc Hold, Black Gate, Ranger Camp Additional Builds: A few projects on freebuild...
  5. Shadierpeak7120

    Canceled ShadierPeak7120's Artist Application

    Date Joined: 1/28/2019 Jobs: DASewers2-4 Theme Builds: Elvish House (would do more but cant figure out how "says i have max number of plots") (I Would Be Happy To Help With Anything I'm Asked To Do!) Exterior of elvish house Interior of the elvish house Other Things I've Made: W.I.P...
  6. Clever

    Canceled Cleverboi’s Artist Application

    Hello, My name is Clever previously littlebluepengin. I Participated in 1 theme build (deadmarshes) and believe that I would be a good pick for an Artist position. I have owned Minecraft for 5 years and have a lot of experience when it comes to building. My particular talent is red stone and...
  7. D

    Canceled Artist application from Desiemer

    Date: I don't remember when I first joined the server but I believe I have been occasionaly walking around and awing at the builds for at least a year, I have only become active in jobs the last week. Jobs and Plotbuilds: I have not done a lot on the server (yet). I helped oberanio decorating...
  8. Marco_Playzzz

    Canceled Marco_Playzzz's Artist Application

    MC Username: Marco_Playzzz (was called MarcoDrummerBoy1 when I joined) The date I joined: Late August 2018 Jobs and Plotbuilds: Vegetating Osgo houses with Oberanio (trial job), Rohan Village walls with Thomasd19, Destroying DA interiors with Barteldvn, Vineyards, fields, river terraining, and...
  9. M

    Canceled minecraft770 Artist Application

    Date: June 28, 2018 Jobs and Plotbuilds: None Themed-builds: Build a Dock Intrests: I love building in gondor. Your motivation: A lover of helping others and actually seeing my results publicly motivated me to apply for artist, as artists are able to contribute a lot to the map and community
  10. AdmiralSmooth

    Canceled AdmiralSmooth Artist Application

    Date : May 5 2018 Personal Info : Age : 18 Country : Belgium Languages : Dutch, English & French Build : Elostirion, Coordinates : 1800 / 6 / 31600 Pictures : Elostirion Other builds : I've created many other builds, but I don't have pictures of them. Here are some that I do have pictures of...
  11. S

    Canceled Artist Application for Smooboonie

    Date of Joining Server: Mid-Feburary, 2018 List of Jobs and Plotbuilds: Upper-Class House in Dol Amorath with Merlinc01 Wheat Fields of Dol Amorath with QuantaCube Themes: Untitled — Ent House Theme: Its a giant dead tree. With a table and chairs. Additional Builds: Untitled — Tavern...
  12. Theme Build

    Theme Build

    Fraspace5 Artist Application
  13. Theme Build

    Theme Build

    Fraspace5 Artist Application
  14. Theme Build

    Theme Build

    Fraspace5 Artist Application
  15. Theme Build

    Theme Build

    Fraspace5 Artist Application
  16. Theme Build

    Theme Build

    Fraspace5 Artist Application
  17. reycraft

    Accepted Reycraft Artist Application

    Hello, I'm Reycraft. I joined the server in early october 2017. I have participated in many jobs and a few plotbuilds: - Many house building jobs in Seatown with barteldvn - Some street decorating jobs in Seatown with barteldvn - An itemblock replacing job in Dol Amroth with Eriol_Eandur -...
  18. Fraspace5 Artist Application

    Fraspace5 Artist Application

  19. Fraspace5 Artist Application

    Fraspace5 Artist Application

  20. Fraspace5 Artist Application

    Fraspace5 Artist Application