• Minecraft Middle Earth is a Minecraft community that recreates the world described by JRR Tolkien and his writings. Everyone can participate in organized events in which we collaborate to create major landmarks, terrain, caves, castles, towns, farms and more.

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  1. BWOT

    Official Rank and Roles List Livetime

    Official Rank and Roles List The Official list of all MCME Team members currently and of past. MCME Team members are the group consisting of the Staff and all non-Staff individuals who work within the MCME community. This document is updated by MCME Admins and Assistants and is owned by the...
  2. V

    Accepted VMark5 Artist Application

    Date: I joined the server on October 28th 2014. Jobs And Plotbuilds: • Job In Moria Supervised By TotiGonzales and Aprooved By NicTheFifth. • A Road In South East Osgiliath for Oberanio and Barteldvn, but don't have the screenshots. • Plotbuild In Osgiliath For Oberanio. • Vegetation In...
  3. Marco_Playzzz

    Canceled Marco_Playzzz's Artist Application

    MC Username: Marco_Playzzz (was called MarcoDrummerBoy1 when I joined) The date I joined: Late August 2018 Jobs and Plotbuilds: Vegetating Osgo houses with Oberanio (trial job), Rohan Village walls with Thomasd19, Destroying DA interiors with Barteldvn, Vineyards, fields, river terraining, and...
  4. mingthemusical

    Canceled mingthemusical - Artist Application.

    Date joined: Late December 2014 Builds: I don't have much in the way of builds, actual buildings aren't my forte. I have run several tree jobs and have had several private jobs made to fix forests by myself. Interests: I love fixing forests and trees. I enjoy building trees and creating new...
  5. S

    Canceled Artist Application for Smooboonie

    Date of Joining Server: Mid-Feburary, 2018 List of Jobs and Plotbuilds: Upper-Class House in Dol Amorath with Merlinc01 Wheat Fields of Dol Amorath with QuantaCube Themes: Untitled — Ent House Theme: Its a giant dead tree. With a table and chairs. Additional Builds: Untitled — Tavern...
  6. reycraft

    Accepted Reycraft Artist Application

    Hello, I'm Reycraft. I joined the server in early october 2017. I have participated in many jobs and a few plotbuilds: - Many house building jobs in Seatown with barteldvn - Some street decorating jobs in Seatown with barteldvn - An itemblock replacing job in Dol Amroth with Eriol_Eandur -...
  7. S

    Canceled Shredz7 MCME Artist Application

    Date joined: joined in October 2016, left in Summer 2017, then came back in October 2018. Jobs: - Like ten trees for ReubenPeiterMark - 3 terrain smoothing plots for Eriol_Eandur near Ironmere - 4 jobs in the Dol Amroth sewers - 2 Ironmere houses - 1 Moria tunnel with Darktempliers - part of a...
  8. superlolster

    Accepted superlolster's artist application Updated

    - I joined on the 21st July 2017 and have done many tasks for other players and many jobs. I have participated in many jobs including bed changing in the shire, pelargir, minas tirith and Calembel I have done house building in gate town in dol amroth I have done vegetation in the misty...
  9. didi45

    Accepted didi45's artist application

    Updated Version! Hi didi45 here agian iv'e just reached a new rank! and decided to redo this mess ;) So here we go! Right here i have for you all an album of my builds (nothing to do with the server itself just other good builds)...
  10. BWOT

    Artists Base on Freebuild

    As many of you know I started a base for the Artists of MCME on the free build server a while ago. Because of recent events and builds on the server DA and Moria, I was spending less time on it. However, I have started building it again with the help of Julian and Raf...
  11. sawApenguin


  12. ironman3118

    ironman3118's artist application

    Date I joined the Server: I joined April 12, 2017 after just going through LOTR Minecraft google results Jobs or Similar Activities: I participated in the Themed Build of Elwing's Tower Interests: I'm good at doing Dwarf builds, I've made a version of Erebor, on my old computer, and created a...
  13. raf_the_eagle

    Accepted raf_the_eagle

    ~My Artist Application~ Date I joined MCME in early March of 2016. I had been on the server a while before then, then forgot about it. I returned on the said date, made an account, and got more involved with jobs and activities. Jobs When I joined, Lamedon was in full swing. I took part in...
  14. C

    Captain_Zylo Artist Application

    Hey! I am Captain_Zylo on MC and I am 14 years old. I love LOTR and have read all the books (inc. The Hobbit). I have decided that I would love to help out on this community project and hope that with practice I will soon be good enough to be able to. This is my first application so I do not...
  15. D

    D_loaded's Artist Application

    I joined the actual server 6-8-2016 But I had heard of it ages ago, (back when Bree had Wheat I was co owner of 2 different small servers, were I did a lot of building. Be sure to see my theme Build Ask me over steam (D_loaded) about more pictures if you need or want more, I have a city in my...
  16. RubenPieterMark

    Accepted RubenPieterMark

    18-4-2016 RubenPieterMark Application for Artist Dear staff I am writing to apply for the rank artist, because I like to participate in projects. I joined the server MCME most likely on Februari 25th. I am not sure about...
  17. Nitato_

    Nitato_ Artist Application

    Date joined?: Around Early January 2016 - I know this wasn't long ago, but I really want to build and help more than just one or two jobs a day. Jobs you participated in?: Quite simple things too be honest, tree root fixing, decorating river banks and building farm fields. I have also helped in...
  18. Darkarz

    Accepted DarkVargoth

    My artist application I joined the server in summer 2015 (I don't know the exact date). I changed my name from 'Flashomatico' to 'DarkVargoth' in 2016. I made 3 jobs so far under the leading of @Eriol_Eandur. It was little jobs, like building streets, making small streams and river beds and...
  19. Darki

    Accepted Darki190

    Date you joined the server: 18th of January Jobs and similar things that you participated in on the MCME server: (UPDATE) Mandos: Smexy Fields Mandos: Smexy Fields (lead by Eaglz) Mandos: Smexy Fields (lead by toey) Eriol: Working on Roads Eriol: Working on Roads Eriol: Working on Roads...
  20. Julius_the_Great

    Accepted julianelijah77 Artist Application

    Date I joined the server: Late September 2015 was when I joined, but I only really started playing in late December. Jobs etc. I participated in: I ruined a furnost house along with SmaugJuice. I participated in one job where me and a couple others fixed floating bushes around a mountain. I...